Why are Toppers Reappearing for JEE?

The toppers from Uttar Pradesh and Punjab want to take the exam again in April or May

JEE Main Toppers 2021 Guramrit Singh Kalra announced on Twitter that he would be taking the Joint Entrance Test, JEE Main 2021 exam next session, surprising Twitter users. Guramrit, who is 18 years old, has already achieved a perfect 100 percentile in the February session. Pal Agarwal, Uttar Pradesh’s Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main topper, is dissatisfied with her percentile.

Pal Agarwal plans to retake the exam in April in order to achieve a perfect score. She came in fourth place among all female candidates in India. In the JEE Main February test, Agarwal earned a score of 99.98 percentile. The UP JEE topper told CNN News18 that she will now begin “targeted plans” and will concentrate on her “weak points.” Agarwal now wants to take practise tests in order to develop her “test-taking” abilities. She’ll review the syllabus by going through her notes.

“I love to pursue science, and IISc Bangalore will be a good choice for that since I am a KVPY fellow and am qualified for admission,” Agarwal told the media house. “However, I am also considering studying aeronautical engineering at IIT-Bombay and am aiming to crack JEE Advanced with a good rank for that,” he added. She exuded assurance that she would pass the JEE Advanced exam. Agarwal attends the Seth Anandram Japuria school in Vasundhra, Ghaziabad. She had also won an All India Rank 1 in the French Olympiad when she was in class 6, and the French Embassy had invited her on an educational tour. Since class 5, the UP JEE Main topper has been practising aerial dance. Notably, six students received a perfect score in the JEE Main February exam, according to the results released on March 8. Saket Jha of Rajasthan, Gurmeet Singh of Chandigarh, Pravar Kataria and Rimjhim Das of Delhi-NCR, Siddhant Mukherjee of Maharashtra, and Anant Krishna of Gujarat are among the students who earned a perfect score.

Guramrit’s reason for reappearance seems to be a little unusual. “Before applying for the April or May sessions, I will seek advice from my teachers. Though my primary focus is on the Advanced and CBSE tests, a second attempt at JEE Main would assist in my preparation for future challenges “Guramrit was quoted by a reputable news website. JEE Main Topper 2021 Guramrit Singh Kalra would appear for the next session exam to boost his confidence .

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