Union Home Ministry declares closure of schools and colleges till 31st Of September

Union Home Ministry declares Closure of Schools and Colleges till 31st Of September

India is under the unlocking phase. India stands next to the USA with and increasing cases of the novel coronavirus or COVID-19. Recently, there has been a sharp spike in the number of cases. India has reported more than 90,000 cases of the novel coronavirus in 24 hours (single day). To revive the economy, the Union Home Ministry of India has declared that the country is under Unlock 4.0. The ministry has referred to some certain guidelines for the unlocking of the public transportation facilities and businesses. Under Unlock 4.0, the ministry had ordered that the schools, colleges and all educational institutions can reopen with some precautionary measures. In the view of the increasing cases of the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 cases in India, the central government has ordered the schools, colleges and educational intuitions are to be closed till 31st Of September, 2020. Earlier, the central government had declared that the schools, colleges and all the educational institutions would be opened from the 1st Of September, 2020. After the announcement of the lockdown in March, all the schools, colleges and educational intuitions have been closed to prevent the spread of infection amongst them.

How pandemic has affected schools and colleges?

The schools, colleges, coaching centres, educational institutions have been closed since the lockdown. The children and students are locked within the four walls of their house to ensure safety. The learning has been staggered. Majority of children have found difficulty to focus on the studies of subjects like Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. The pandemic has created a new situation for the teachers and students. The old-age mindset of students and teachers have been shattered as they had to adopt some new ways of learning. The pandemic must not affect their studies and the learning must not be stopped amongst children. Keeping this in view, the students and teachers have started to adopt the online mode of learning. The virtual learning has helped them to get back to their studies. The pattern of learning has changed as the students have been able to adopt some new ways to cope up with their studies. The opening of virtual platforms has created a new digital space for the students. The students are exploring the new career trends such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), CyberSecurity and many more. With these ever-changing career trends, the students have learnt the new dynamic ways of learning in the pandemic. The multidimensional knowledge of the career will help the students to unlearn and get out of their old concepts and relearn something new. This will help in future and the students will help in rebuilding ‘New India’. The advent of the pandemic has changed the existing scenario.

What has the state government said?

The advent of the novel coronavirus has created a significant change. Most of the schools, colleges and educational institutions have been struggling to reopen their organization. The opening of schools and other educational institution may result in sharp growth of infection amongst children and students. Keeping this view in mind many state government has a difference of opinion.

The Education Minister of Uttrakhand, Arvind Pandey has said that all the schools are instructed to remain close. At any cost, no schools are allowed to remain open from the 21st Of September, 2020. Due to the increasing cases of the novel coronavirus, the infection has speeded from home to home. The reopening of schools may lead the children and students at risk. The schools cannot compromise with the health of children.

Contrary to the above-stated statement, the Education Minister of Haryana, Kanwar Pal Gurjar has said that the state Government of Haryana is ready to open the schools with some precautionary measures. All the schools in Haryana are set to open if they receive permission. The government of Haryana is waiting for the guideline and permission from the Central Government.

The Education Minister of India has indicated that if the government permits, the schools are to reopen immediately. The state government must carry out all the measures and safety precautions. The schools must have carried out some precautionary guidelines for the children and students that are to be followed regularly.

Online Education

The schools and most of the educational institutions have decided to go for online education to get the students back on track. This has reflected another major issue as the children from the rural areas does not have the accession to gadgets and mobile phones. Poor internet connectivity has hampered their learning process. The schools have made a compulsory rule to substitute the conventional methods with online education but the result has not been impactful.

Some state government like Bihar, Delhi and Madhya Pradesh has allowed the students of Secondary and Higher Secondary to visit the schools for consultations. The students are permitted to go on a voluntary basis.




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