UGC history program renewal removes Akbar from Mughal empire

Experts say this is the first attempt to improvise academic textbook by UGC

UGC new curriculum framework for college history has beencriticizedby historians and the student community at various universities for the way the subject is structured. The opening of the exhibition structure shows that the new structure aims to justify India’s illustrious past and its broad historical perspective. However, the paintings tend to omit some aspects of the story and focus heavily on others.

The document titled “History of India” does not mention Akbar, and the Mughal Empire shows the power of other Hindu rulers such as Lana Pratap and Hem Vikramaditya. It seems to exist only for the sake of. The repeated focus on myths in another document entitled “The Idea of ​​Bharat” seems to focus on the religious side rather than the political side of society. The most bizarre aspect of the curriculum framework proposed by UGC is to promote the concept of “Vasudaiva Kutumbakam” and also to educate college students about “Darshan and the Indian perception of Darshan”. Another perhaps interesting theme of photography is the emphasis on “Ancient Indian Science and Technology”.
Researchers at the University of Hyderabad said: “Teaching Rigveda and the Upanishads is one thing, but not attracting attention as the main way to see the country.” Mythological studies also show how deep patriarchy the next Vedic period was. However, the recommended reading list of “Vedic Ideas” clearly shows that little attention has been paid to the criticisms of mythology and its subsequent impact on history. “It’s clear that UGC executives are determined to manipulate history,” the researchers added. “What else do we need to do to ignore the Delhi Sultanate at this point?”

UGC has also been criticized in the past for drawing images of Hindu hegemony and domination using Indian history. Historians like Romila Thapar have repeatedly pointed out how history has been altered to accommodate the history of the current administration. “This is not the first time that history has been disrupted,” said Irfan Habeeb, a doctoral student at the University of Hyderabad. Habeeb studies the history of modern India, with particular reference to the Malabar region. “My main concern is the references of two historians, Irfan Habib and RS Sharma, who worked to unravel the history of the community written by colonial historians. “
Asked about caste, Habib added,” To get a concrete understanding of caste, it would be helpful to look at the social reform movement in Kerala. “

Adding weight to Hubby’s argument is the fact that the painting refers to the role of B.R. Historically, Ambedkar had nothing better than help drafting the Indian Constitution. Not all of Dr. Ambedkar’s efforts to criticize and abolish the caste system have been reported.

At this point, it’s important to ask yourself what the story was for and for whom. The pursuit of colonial historical stories today benefits only the right-wing brigades, has less scientific disposition, and promotes a more subtle understanding of history.

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