Tough Situations, Empowering Moments: Alka Mahajan, Director CHILPARCO, New Age Parenting Forum, Educator-English Expert, Communication and Motivational Coach, Psychotherapist

Alka Mahajan is the Director of CHILPARCO, New Age Parenting Forum, she is also a part of the Leadership Team at Bluebells School International, an Educationist, English Expert, Psychotherapist, Motivational and Communication Coach, Tarot Reader and a Media Personality.

We all at some point in our life have heard the saying that when the going gets tough, the tough get going! The sad story is that we forget. What we  need to understand  is that these moments are teaching us lessons of resilience , confidence, perseverance  and the power to bounce back with a never say die spirit . This is something we know about  , however did not  understand its worth till we needed to apply it.

As an educator I have had many tough moments, and every time I bounce back-We all do –we just don’t realize it-it’s a matter of survival of the fittest –always a way is made –and moments like these toughen us up engulfing us in a power moment-a sense of achievement, a moment of empowerment which we ought to start valuing and leave underestimating ourselves and wallowing in self –pity. Let’s face it-there is a lesson that one needs to learn from the bothersome situation. The reality is what you need to work at, strengthen that area in your life-be it your interpersonal skills, work dynamics skills, communication skills, life skills, time management skills, being proactive skills, understanding and staying away from toxicity skills. 

As Educators we need to get one thing clear-we must for Heaven’s sake practice what we preach. Thinking something, feeling something different, and saying something not in consonance with our mind and emotions-is wrong and we are not being fair to our students. A cliché-but let’s be role models that they  can safely emulate from  and get nurtured and empowered in the process. 

One very important thing that life long learners  need to work at for empowering themselves is arming their persona with the real truth and not the illusion of truth. Many times we get tempted by hearing the same falsehood again and again and because it is reiterated so often , it becomes the truth –in the bargain the untruth is believed and the real victim becomes the culprit and the culprit gets a clean chit. The irony of life! However we as individuals let this happen. Repetition makes an assumption  seem more true, regardless of the fact whether it is or not. Understanding this effect, can help one avoid falling for propaganda. 

Herein come in mind games-train the mind to not succumb to illusions of truth –They are and always will be around us and we need to learn to dodge them. As individuals, all of us fall victims to this effect because our instinct is to use shortcuts in judging how plausible something is. This can be misleading and as educators we need to rise above these effects-we hurt people by not believing them, we hurt people because of our own insecurities, we cause damage to someone’s reputation by negative  labelling, preconceived notions and in the process we forget our profession’s main vision-to empower young minds. By being susceptible to these falsehoods we belittle a student mainly on hearsay and untruths being highlighted plus the fact that there is an aversion towards the child from our side too-We highlight the falsity without bothering to check the reality. What we are doing is adding to the miseries of the world by making it a world where lies and truth are easier to confuse. Gullibility weakens , truth coupled with tough moments empowers.

My earnest plea to educators all over the globe that if we really would like to make the experience of education joyful let’s teach our learners to use their discretion  judiciously, not to play the blame game-not to indulge in character assassination as integrity is important, truth is important. Teach the young minds to overcome what was meant to crush you, weaken you –armed with the equipment of values and self confidence!

One may not be able to control all that happens in one’s life-however we can decide not to be shattered by the challenging moments that have a knack of coming at times when one feels the most settled. That is the moment our self worth is put to test. The empowerment begins —continue on this path and heals the world by wisdom and empowering moments , not untruths, sycophancy , or insecurities.

Educators let us rise!

Let us train our learners to rise above the ordinary and add that Extra in the ordinary  to make their lives-EXTRAORDINARY!




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