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The Punjab Health Education Department proposes to raise the retirement age

The Director of Medical Research and Education (DRME) is scheduled to retire in August, but the Ministry of Medical Education in Punjab has submitted to the government a proposal to raise the retirement age of medical teachers from 62 to 65.

The retirement age of the Director of Medical Education and Research (DRME) is scheduled for August, but the Punjab Ministry of Medical Education has submitted a proposal to the government to raise the retirement age of medical professors from 62 to 65,
that many senior doctors in the state government medical and dental universities hold leadership positions and will retire at the end of next month. Therefore, if the Cabinet accepts this proposal, many primary doctors, including the DRME holder, will benefit. Meanwhile, Dr. Sujata Sharma of DRME said: “I was absolutely not aware of the matter.”

Alok Shekhar, Secretary General of Medical Education, said: “So you can’t comment. In recent contacts with doctors, OP Soni, the Minister of Health Education, has arranged for medical institutions to propose to the Council of Ministers on this issue. Residents despise the movement. However, residents oppose raising the retirement age. They say this development will block the road for at least three years, dismaying officials in the next row. In addition, it also has a negative impact on new entrants.

Grassroots physicians argued the need for a proposal when there was already a re-employment policy allowing physicians to work until age 70. Meanwhile, despite trying, I could not contact OP Soni of the Ministry of Education.

Maharashtra health minister Rajesh Tope said Wednesday that the coronavirus outbreak has decided to extend the service period of private surgeons and other senior state officials to up to two years. The year he retired from the Ministry of Health for more than 60 years. Speaking to reporters, he said the proposal was approved by the state cabinet during the meeting here today. The meeting was chaired by Minister Uddhav Thackrey, doctors and other senior officials currently have a retirement age of 60. However, due to the pandemic situation, some senior and private surgeons have been extended for another year. This decision is to ensure that there are sufficient human resources to provide health services.

Regarding this decision, Ministry of Health officials said: The age will be extended by one year and will retire at the age of 62. “The state filled 899 positions last week. There are new announcements to fill at least 1,000 medical and specialist positions in the next days,” Tope said of her hiring at the Health Department. and D, we received a police report investigating allegations of misconduct. The State shall take appropriate measures to carry out its functions. “

Asked about the daily number of 19 COVID cases not falling below 6,000, he said: “The state has been reporting 6,000 to 8,000 cases per day since last month, but 100 out of 1,000,00 cases are active. in the state. Of these, 92 cases are 10 counties.”

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