Subjects for All Students in DU Colleges

Subjects for All Students in DU Colleges

Most of the students had estimated the high cutoff at Delhi University (DU). Every year, Delhi University (DU) faces the problem of over admission as the majority of the students go through liberal marking. The results of board examinations give those high scopes and aspects; however, in reality, it sets difficult goals. In India, the board examination results play an important role amongst the students. The students choose their careers on the basis of their results and grades. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has been recognized for its liberal marking. It has been notified by the University of Delhi/ Delhi University (DU) that the majority of the application has come from the CBSE board. Many students have scored lower this year. DU provides admission to low scorers. There are several subjects in which many students can take admission. These subjects are for all students. These subjects will help the students to find directions.

Many students aspire to get admission to Delhi University (DU) because of the vibrant options. This year, the University of Delhi/ Delhi University (DU) has set up to 100 per cent cutoff in three subjects. Also, Delhi University (DU) provides a large scope for the students to choose their subjects with several good options. However, this raises a question for the students with a low per cent? Will they be able to get admission to Delhi University (DU)?

The answer is ‘Yes.’ Let us analyse how to get admission to Delhi University (DU) with a low per cent.

 Subjects for All Students in DU Colleges
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How to get admission to Delhi University (DU) with a low per cent?

There are some colleges which give admission to the students with low per cent. Some of the students who have acquired low grades are concerned about their future.  Also, some of the parents are highly complex and sceptical of children with lower grades. They are unaware that there are possibilities for the students to get selected for the admission to Delhi University (DU) with lower grades. The students are required to look and explore for some more options.

Name of Colleges

As mentioned before, there are some colleges that provide admission to students with lower grades. The students need to look for some options. Some of the colleges are named below.

List of Colleges under Delhi University

  • Zakir Husain Delhi College
  • Swami Shardhanand College
  • Kalindi College (W)
  • Lakshmibai College (W) and so on

Some of the colleges mentioned above will provide admission to the students with lower grades.

Subjects to choose at Delhi University

The students should not get despair and look for several options. It is never too late to start a new beginning. The students must start exploring the list of subjects that may help them in career

List of subjects Under DU Colleges

Given subsequently is the list of subjects that students may explore In DU:

  • Bachelors (BA) (Political Science with Psychology)– The combined study of Political science with Psychology will help to understand the strategies and mindset of political aspects in the country.
  • BA Programme (Philosophy with Political Science)– The study of the combination will help to understand the political viewpoints of several parties with their motives. Most of the political parties have set their own ideologies and goals. The study of Philosophy helps to think and analyze critically logically and clearly.
  • BA Program (History with Political Science)– The combined study of History with Political science will help to grasp the cultural aspects of a place with reference to the civilization. It is important to understand the history and how the political leaders ruled the state and nation.
  • BA Program (Math with Philosophy)- The combined study of Mathematics with Philosophy will help to understand the significance of logical aspects. The ancient philosophy teaches us about the Indian logic and ancient mathematical formulas enumerated by Indian saints.

It is important for students to understand the scopes of mindful learning in today’s scenario. The engaging text and practical curriculum are equally important for the growth of students. It shapes the students and brings out the real personalities. It enhances the learning capabilities of the students and solves out the various key problems.

There are other several options that students can explore. The students must learn to motivate themselves and explore various other aspects of the subjects. The results of board examinations are important to decide the career choices, but it equally important for the students to look beyond results.


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