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Students drop out From Private Schools in Chhattisgarh

The dropout rates have been increasing in the past few months all around the world during the pandemic. It has created a definite concern amongst the people. Many states in India have shown an increase in significant dropouts lately. The pandemic has resulted in the rise of unemployment and joblessness. Many students have not been able to give their school fees due to severe reasons. The parents have lost their employment and the students are unable to continue their studies in the schools. The private schools have been charging high fees from the students. Many students have dropped out of schools lately due to the fee hike. Recently, the government of Chhattisgarh has noticed a rapid increment in dropouts of students from private schools. The Chief Minister of Chattisgarh Bhupesh Bhaghel has asked his associates to check the matter. In the past, the state had notified lower dropout rates of students from schools. The collectors and District Educational Officers of Chhattisgarh will report on the matter soon.

Effects of Pandemic

People– Many people have lost their jobs during the pandemic as the continuous rise of coronavirus cases have put a stop to the economy. Unemployment has increased as corporations are unable to pay the salaries in recent years. Especially, this year the pandemic has generated extensive unemployment amongst all. Taking this matter into consideration, almost a majority of people have started to run a small business, but it has been going through a huge loss.

Children– As said earlier the people are unemployed during the pandemic. Almost, the majority of people are out of their jobs during the pandemic. This has created a strong rage amongst the people. The ‘#NationalUemploymentDay’ has been trending on Twitter. Many children have dropped out of their school as their parents are unable to pay fees. Many private schools have been charging high fees amongst the students; this reflects an injustice to the mere students. Some private schools have locked out their students from their platform of MS Team (an online platform for conducting classes). The parents have been distressed at such plights of the students.

Education– All the plights have resulted in affecting the students. The floundering in the education of students is the biggest threat in the country today. Additionally, the problem of the digital divide has broadened in the country. Some students can’t afford the gadgets due to their financial distress. They have been left out of mainstream education. The wide range of digital divide has compelled the government to think of reopening the schools to help out the students. Many NGOs have reached out to the students and donated mobile phones and laptops to help them continue their education.

Economy– The market has clashed. The economy has fallen apart in the latest scenario. The lowering of Gross Domestic Price (GDPs) has spoken for itself.

What is the present situation in Chhattisgarh?

The Education Department of Chhattisgarh has drafted a letter to the collectors and District Education Officers to help out the students. The State Education Officer has asked to request the parents and encourage their children to take admission to the government schools. The state government of Chhattisgarh has asked the collectors and the District Education Officer to find out the information. The Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh has asked them to submit the names of the students along with their address and contact details of their parents. The officers need to collect much more information about the students.

What other things have Chhattisgarh done?

The state government of Chhattisgarh has strictly instructed that the schools must not ask for the transfer certificate from the students. Also, the high schools can’t demand the mark sheets from the students studying in Grade 1 till Grade 10 for taking admission. However, the schools must very the marks of the students before taking their admission to Grade 11.

Till now, there have been no possible reasons concluded for the significant dropouts of the students. It is highly reasonable that most of the private schools have been charging an incredible amount of fees from the students. Such demand may have forced the parents to cancel the admission of their children. No doubt, it will affect the students in the long run. Education serves to mould the lives of the students. The financial crunch must not put an end to the mere growth of the students. The state must encourage the students to get back to education as early as possible. The lack of education will hamper the growth of the state.






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