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When it comes to startups, a general perception is that it needs to be in a developed country where all the resources are available. But in reality, that misses the point: startups can begin anywhere, and it’s often the countries with the greatest needs that present the biggest opportunities. Startups are at home in underdeveloped countries, nations in conflict, and those countries new to entrepreneurship. Each of these environments offers untapped problems that startups can take advantage of not just to make a profit, but also to make an impact. They help in taking one onto an innovative journey where they help young minds to brainstorm.

Startups may be small companies but they can play a significant role in economic growth. They create more jobs which mean more employment, and more employment means an improved economy. Not only that, but startups can also contribute to economic dynamism by spurring innovation and injecting competition. New entrepreneurs can bring new ideas to the table, much needed to stir innovation and generate competition. This in short means fresh talent and new blood in the body of the economy.

Startups have a direct impact on the cities that they make their homes. Look at how Infosys has changed Bangalore, Alibaba impacted Hangzhou, Microsoft changed Redmond and Google transformed Mountain View, California. All these companies started small, but as they grew, they transformed the cities where they operated. They improved employment patterns providing job opportunities to both experienced and young professionals.

There are many kinds of businesses that help expand an idea into a reality, this is what a startup should look like where ideas are converted into products or services. Now, India many startups came up with an idea to take competitive exams into the next level. They took the opportunity to give a kick start to your career by helping one grow in an overall aspect. There are various startups that provide career counseling to children one of such startup that is started Started by Aditya Bose, Delhi-based ProBano aims to become India’s first youth-focused career counseling venture. So far, it has reached out to 12,000 students from 142 institutes across 11 states.

Many of us were confused about which stream to choose — Science, Arts, or Commerce? But the dilemma didn’t end there. After Class XII boards, we had to decide on what course to choose, in which college, and how to get there, whether to go abroad or stay in India and pursue higher education. Most of us relied on the experience and knowledge of our teachers and parents to answer our questions, but not all of us have that privilege. For students living in slums and coming from poor economic backgrounds, and for those who are the first generation in their family to get an education, access to expensive counseling to decide their career paths is limited.

To fill this gap and to help millions of children across India who lack such resources, Aditya Bose started ProBano in 2017. To this date, Delhi-based ProBano is providing feasible counseling and has reached out to 12,000 students from 142 institutes across 11 states.

We aim to democratize quality career guidance and don’t want students from the bottom of the pyramid to miss out on it because of the huge potential it possesses. That’s why we have career guidance offerings that provide a mix of online and in-person career guidance priced at ₹99-₹4,999 per student with an extra sum for books and other study material that one requires. The vision of his startup was to provide reasonable career guidance to all kinds of students.

The entire reason to come up with such an idea was to bridge the lack of awareness. There were two reasons for it – lack of information about career options other than Computer Engineering and Medical Science and the fact that there are other wide arrays of choices to choose from. The entire ideology and mindset that people had created about various streams; arts is for nobodies and science cannot be compared to other streams needed to be eliminated. Many face problems in their career paths due to bad decision making or maybe due to lack of information or guidance. This is the sole purpose that Aditya came up with this startup. He also provided guidance with regards to the kind of entrance exams or competitive exams one needed to clear in order to pursue that career ahead. He planned to provide an entire outlook on how one needs to start in order to reach the finish line. Right from providing knowledge about the particular career to giving the students adequate resources in order to crack these competitive exams, as that becomes one’s first hurdle to their career pathways. The startup has designed its approach in terms of understanding the needs of young school children. Aditya believes the best career guidance solutions for students need to have a mix of online and in-person content, tests, and support.

He shared his story and his idea for his startup came through because oh his own story. He concluded that he would have made better career choices if there was proper career guidance such as how to make the right career choice, the different career options available, how to go about pursuing a course, the various resources that needed to be purchased, and all such confusion that every student goes through after their 10th or 12th board exams.

For the competition, Aditya pitched the idea to develop a web-based platform that would provide career counseling and mentor high school students. The platform would also include videos and courses on entrepreneurship, law, computer science, etc. His business plan included details of the problem, the solution he offered, market research, business model, and how it would fare against competitors. This got him selected for the finals. Over the next four years, he applied to a lot of business plan competitions, that took him to places. This led to the inception of ProBano.

At ProBano, career counseling is a mixture of online content, psychometric tests, resources for competitive exams, online lessons, and in-person support to help students explore career options, and shortlist three career options they are interested in. Later, students are counseled to explore and pursue one of the options. Students are also mentored through online webinars and in-person sessions. This will help them give an overall perspective on their career paths.

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