SRCC conducts National Economics Olympiad (NEO)

SRCC conducts National Economics Olympiad (NEO)

Every Year the National Economics Olympiad (NEO) conducted to check the parameters of the students. This year, Sri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) in collaboration with Vedantu is conducting the National Economics Olympiad (NEO) for the students of Grade 11 and 12. The students will be judges as per their scores and their enthusiasm. The exam helps students to understand the basics of economics and also broadens the understanding and maturity level of students. The Economy Society of Sri Ram College of Commerce conducts the examination. The registration link for the respective exam is open till 30th Of October. The exam will be held online as per the officials. The spread of novel coronavirus has changed the mode of examination. There are mainly 2 rounds of the National Economics Olympiad (NEO). The first round will judge the preliminary knowledge of Economics. The round one will contain the preliminary set of questions. It will be conducted on the 1st Of November 2020 and the final or the last round will be conducted on the 7Th Of November and 8Th of November. The participants have to pay an amount of Rs 209 to sit for the National Economics Olympiad (NEO). Also, Sri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) has a wonderful offer to help out the students. The enthusiastic students can avail a limited amount to pay for participating in the National Economic Olympiad (NEO). Simply, they have to pay an amount of Rs 189. The interested applicants can get the registration link on the website ‘’. To help the students from the rural areas, the Sri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) has offered 100 per cent financial scholarship. This will help the students to avail an equal opportunity with all.

What is National Economics Olympiad (NEO)?

The National Economics Olympiad (NEO) is a nationwide level of economics test for the students of Grade 11 and Grade 12. The question pattern is based on the school level of economics study. All the students from Grade 11 to Grade 12 can participate in the nationwide examination. The students from all across India and South East Asia can participate in the examination. The eligibility criterion is that the students must be either in Grade 11 and Grade 12. The purpose of the National Economics Olympiad (NEO) is to measure the knowledge of the students in the subject of Economics. There are mainly four sections of tests, the first section consists of the practical knowledge of economic, the second section consists of the logical reasoning of the economic sphere. The third section is to find out the perspective of the students. It mainly deals with the case studies of the economic and the last but not least, the final section of the question paper helps to interpret the data otherwise known as Data Interpretation. The structure of the question paper is to judge and understands the mindset of the students. The students aspiring to study economic further can participate to understand and measure his understanding of Economics.

All the sections have at least 10 questions carrying one mark each. The National Economic Olympiad (NEO) carries no negative marking or grading. To spice it up, the final round of the National Economics Olympiad (NEO) is undeclared and it is a big surprise of the students. The surprise will be shared at the time of examination only. The National Economics Olympiad (NEO) helps to understand and broaden the views of the economic understanding of the country.

Impact of COVID-19

Sri Ram College of Commerce revealed that due to the online cases of coronavirus, the National Economics Olympiad will be conducted online. As per the record of last year, there were almost 3700 applicants. The exam was conducted offline in the last year. The National Economic Olympiad (NEO) was conducted in almost 500 schools in approximately 100 cities. The participation level was high as the students from almost 5 countries have taken for the examination. This year, the students will be a bit lower because of the staggering internet and low connectivity.

Benefits of Students

  • The respective candidates/ participants in the examination will get a Certificate of Participation.
  • The qualified students for the final round will avail a Certificate of Merit.
  • The winner of the National Economic Olympiad (NEO) will win a cash prize of Rs 40,000 along with a Certificate of Excellence.

Objectives of Sri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC)

While conducting the National Economics Olympiad (NEO), students will be able to boost their confidence and expand their learning of economic widely. The National Economics Olympiad (NEO) will help them to understand several economic issues of the country. The approach to several aspects of the economy will help students to widen their concepts in economics.




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