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SOPs for flying overseas for work or school have been announced by the Centre

In a significant milestone, the central government released SOPs on Monday for the immunisation of people travelling internationally for education, work, and other reasons

The Centre announced on Monday that the time between two doses of the COVID-19 vaccination for persons travelling internationally for educational purposes, employment possibilities, or as part of India’s Olympic contingent in Tokyo has been extended to four weeks mentioned in the SOPs. The announcement comes as a number of people intending to travel internationally for educational, career, or Olympic-bound athletes have asked the government to intervene to shorten the time between two doses of the COVID-19 vaccination, which is now set at 84 days following the first dosage.

These services will be offered to anyone who need to travel internationally for these specific reasons between August 31 and August 31, 2021. The following method for administering a second dose of the Covishield vaccine to such recipients will be followed in order to provide full immunisation coverage and facilitate international travel, according to the official statement.

– will be eligible for this extraordinary dispensation.

a) Students who are required to travel abroad for educational purposes. b) Individuals who are required to work in foreign countries.
c) Indian athletes, sportspersons, and support staff will compete in the International Olympic Games in Tokyo.

States/UT governments must nominate a competent authority in each district to grant approval for the second dosage of Covishield to be administered.
Before granting permission for the administration of a second dose before the period of 84 days following the first dose, the competent authority must verify the following: a. Whether a period of 28 days has elapsed since the first dose; b. Whether a period of 84 days has elapsed since the first dose; c. Whether a period of 84 days has elapsed since the first dose; d. Whether a period of 84 days has elapse
b. Validity of travel purpose based on papers relating to — i. Admission Offers or related formal communications for the purpose of education. ii. Whether a person is already enrolled in a foreign educational institution and must return there to complete their studies.

According to the Centre’s SOPs, vaccinations can be used as ID documents under current criteria if the passport number is printed on the Certificate. If a passport was not presented at the time of the first dose, the details of the picture ID card used for vaccination will be printed on the vaccination certificate, and the presence of a passport in the vaccination certificate is not required. It stated that if necessary, the competent authorities may issue another certificate tying the vaccination certificate to the beneficiary’s passport number.

The vaccine type “Covishield” is adequate, according to the Center, and no other qualifying entries in the immunisation certificates are required. In such rare circumstances, the CoWIN system will soon allow for the delivery of a second dose, according to the company.
The CoWIN certificates of vaccinated travellers will be connected to their passports under the new requirements. “In vaccination certificates, no other qualifying entries are required; statement of vaccine kind as ‘Covishield’ is sufficient,” the health ministry stated.

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