Skill Development Program for Job Seekers

Skill Development Program for Job Seekers

The government of Delhi has established and emphasized skill development programs for job seekers and college graduates. The government has decided to prepare the courses and curriculum as per the requirement of the industries.  The new Skill and Entrepreneurship University is all set to help the job seekers and college graduates to look for the job and employment. The sole way to solve the issue of unemployment is to look for the look and help young minds to create their own.

What are the objectives of the course?

The main objectives of the course are:

  • Help inexperienced and young minds to look for a job
  • Help youth to create business and be their own boss

The CM of Delhi, Arwind Kejriwal, has stated that the subjects and curriculum are to be structured in such a way that will ease the students and the job seekers to find a job.

Steps to improve the vocational courses

The government has adopted many measures to ensure that the curriculum is designed properly.

After planning the curriculum, the government will show the same to the industrial experts and seek advice from them. The experts will then decide and announce their decision if the curriculum is worthwhile. If the curriculum is unable to show any strong and positive response from the industrial experts, the curriculum and the course structure will be changed accordingly. It is important to seek the industrial experts as they often complain about the unskilled and untrained employees. The course structure must be designed in such a way that it must meet the demands of the industries.

The course structure must be designed in consultation with the industries to ensure that the graduates must get jobs in the coming year. Unemployment is one of the biggest threats and downfall for the Indian community.

What is the objective of the new Skill and Entrepreneurship University?

  • Train the job seekers
  • Designing the curriculum as per the needs of industry
  • The courses are needed to be designed to fulfil the requirements and needs of the industry.

Problem of Unemployment

We have often seen that most of the graduates in India often find trouble seeking jobs in their industries. The students often complained that the universities and colleges are insufficient to provide the skills and train them in their field.  The industries also complained that the universities and the graduates are insufficient to provide basic training and skills to the students. It is one of the reasons for unemployment in the current sector.

During this pandemic, the globe is going through a recession. As most of the people are looking out for jobs, the industries and organizations are busy looking for skilled workers. The biggest gap is to meet the needs of the organizations and the fulfilment of the required skills during the pandemic. As most of the schools, colleges, universities and educational institutions are closed down; the students are attending online classes.  It is profoundly expected that these students will not have any emphatic and skilled information about their own industries.

The parents are worried as they spend a humongous amount of money for the education of their children. These students are unable to find the jobs and look out for the industries that may help them with internships.  In this period, the industries have been going through the recession, it is impossible for the industries to look for some skilled students. Most of the industries rely on experienced people leaving no time and scope for the students to get some hands-on training sessions. It is important for the industries to realize that without providing chances to the students, it shouldn’t be expected to look out for skilled workers.

The Government has appointed Dr Neharika Vohra as the Vice-Chancellor. She is the head of the Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) at IIM, Ahmadabad.

List of Board Members

  • The founding dean of the Indian School of Busi8ness and the Founder of Ashoka University, Dr Pramath Raj Sinha
  • The founder of Genpact, Mr Pramod Bhasin
  • The founder of, Mr Sanjeev Bikhchandani
  • The founder and Vice-Chancellor of Indraprastha University (IP), Prof KK Aggarwal
  • Lastly, the entrepreneur, Mr Shrikant Sastri

All these above-mentioned people will play an important role in developing the course structure to meet the demands of the industries in the present scenario.

Future of the graduates

It is important to realize that the graduates are at an extreme loss. The students are not getting any scope and chances of getting a placement in the industries due to the lack of skills.  It has led to the expansion of unemployment in current circumstances. The unique way to resolve the difficulty of unemployment is to look out for jobs. The surge of unemployment has created a major concern amongst the students.

It has been expected that the markets may grow after the pandemic. The businesses may bloom after the pandemic. After lockdown, people may look for the jobs and the universities need to demand the needs and requirements of the students. So, it is important to meet the job seekers to understand what exactly are they looking for and what the demands of the industries.

Sometimes, the students may find a job, but completely unsatisfied and unmotivated with the job experiences. Those students, who have got jobs, have often complained that the universities don’t provide us with any efficient knowledge. As a result, many students face the issue of employability. It has been expected that after lockdown, many new industries and sectors are going to boom. The businesses and service sectors may resume once again. It is important for Indian students to provide them with better opportunities.

Role of foreign universities

Most of the students from wealthy families have often shifted abroad to get a better education and jobs. The foreign degrees are valued more in India and the universities provide better scopes to the students with the internships. The international universities help the students to get jobs in their countries as well. It is one of the sole reasons for the brain drain. Even though many skill development programs have been initiated by the central government, a large number of students still move abroad for better education and training.

It is important to meet the significant demands and needs of the students and the industries. India has good infrastructure for education and industries. The government must work to enhance the skills of college graduates and make them future-ready after the pandemic.



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