Schools in Mumbai to Remain Shut

Schools Reopen their Gates with Caution

Schools Reopen: Pandemic and education as its victim

Now with Schools planning to reopen and with most states already putting this into action, we can look back at the impact Covid 19 has had on student’s education in India. One could arguably say that education has been greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.While most schools had taken painstaking effort to familiarize their faculty with online lectures and classes  many  many education boards  have deducted good chunks off portion from the syllabus  and are far behind in the completion of the portion.With Malls and other places of Commerce opening up in the past few months India is trying to adapt to this Global pandemic.  In spite of all the buzz in September about schools reopening in unlock 4.0  many states have still decided to ask students to stay home and study. Many states are going to reopen the school Gates under the obedience of strict government issued guidelines. The Following states have decided to recall their students to their second home

  • Punjab
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Karnataka
  • Chhattisgarh
  • Maharashtra
  • Gujarat
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • West Bengal

The aforementioned states will let schools reopen with a host of strict guidelines, which if not followed cold create a new wave of Covid related problems for the country.

The Responsibility  Schools must undertake to reopen

The government has issued several guidelines for schools and colleges that must be followed under any circumstances in order to prevent for the spread of the novel corona virus. Most of these guidelines might not seem awfully new  to us since we have been following them for the past eight odd months, but the reenactment of these safety rules and precautionary methods especially for young students is a mandatory step.

  • The Standard Rules: The standard WHO guidelines will obviously apply to all schools and colleges that intend on reopening their gates to students,  social distancing the most trending word of 2020  must be observed under any circumstance  wearing a mask is compulsory for all students and staff members alike. A private school in Haryana has also come up with automated Gates that open up only when it sees a picture of the student wearing a mask. Sanitizer dispensers should be readily available for all students and they must be encouraged to sanitize their hands before coming in contact with the Blackboard for their personal desks.  only one student should be seated on a desk and PT drills and other assemblies should be either avoided or conducted  in an environment why social distancing is possible.
  • Contamination Zones: For the sake of safety if a school is in a contamination zone It will remain shut due to the notorious unpredictability of the spread of Covid-19, Schools reopen only in zones deemed safe by the health department.More importantly if a student happens to reside in a contamination zone he or she will be excused from  from his or her lessons till their area has been deemed safe.
  • Parents have a right to opt for distance education: Even if schools reopen parents have the right to ensure utmost safety. If they are not confident in sending their kids to school they can continue online classes and can encourage their ward to study from home According to recent reports and surveys majority of the parents might  might choose the option of  their ward staying at Om home and continuing with online classes, therefore even if schools reopen we might not see classes fill up as they once did. Attendance is not going to be as strict as it once was due to the pandemic situation. Houses where online education is more of a hassle and less of a boon will welcome this decision, if Schools reopen, this is the faction that can benefit the most. 

Schools will be reopening soon, many parents do not want any sort of hindrance to come in the way of their ward’s education but at the same time the health and welfare of the student is equally important. States with a high number of cases have still opted to keep their schools shut.Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami said it was decided to extend the lockdown till November 30 based on the consultations with medical and public health experts. “But the government has decided to further relax the lockdown regulations (except in containment zones) to give a fillip to the economy,” he said in a press release.“The number of persons being treated has come down to 25,000 from 50,000,” he said. Tamil Nadu has so far reported 7,22,011 Covid-19 cases, according to the Union health ministry. The toll in the state stood at 11,091. The reopening of schools in Metropolitan cities seem like a stunt for another day, since most students in such cities have access to internet, online learning will continue to be the mode of education till the end of this year. Vinod Singh, Head of School, Trio World Academy, Bangalore said, “Online learning needs to be engaging, purposeful, simple to execute and interactive. Keeping this in mind, we decided to go the tried and tested way.”

Many schools have adapted to the ways of Online Learning, in cities with a high number of cases,for Schools to reopen is an avoidable risk.


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