Schools in New York set to Reopen

Schools in New York set to Reopen

New York City (NYC) took a major step to reopen the schools, but the city is facing a major challenge overcoming the shortages of teaching staffs. New York City (NYC) has decided to bring back 90,000 of students and children to the vacant school building. The school building in New York City (NYC) has been vacant for more than 5 months. The school students are anxious to return to their schools, but the decision to reopen the schools has been delayed. Most of the parents have to quit their jobs for taking care of their children. Younger children are not able to log in to their school account for classes. The lack of ‘face to face’ interaction has staggered the growth of young kids. The students, who have opted for remote learning, have faced several technical glitches. The city of New York is the first to reopen the offline classes for students with disability. There is strict monitoring of the students along with all the safety protocols. The students are waiting for their schools to reopen.

Recent changes in the planning of reopening schools

What are the new dates?

Initially, the school was scheduled to start from September 10, 2020. However, the plan to reopen schools got delayed due to the shortage of staffs. As per the new plan, the New York City Schools Chancellor declared the Pre-Kindergarten or Pre-K and children with a disability would start their schools from. New York City school buildings have been opened for them. The students of elementary schools are expected to return on September 29, 2020. The NYC Schools Chancellor declared that the students of middle and High school would be able to return to school from October 1, 2020. Some students have opted for remote learning. On Monday, at 9 am, the majority of the students, approximately 1.1 million of the students attempted to log on their first day of the school. The login page of the Department of Education was crashed for the 10 minutes.

Why the reopening of schools is delayed?

Interestingly, the teachers didn’t know before the announcement of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. On September 17, 2020, it was announced that the city needed more 2000 teachers to start offline classes. It has been expected that bringing in more teachers will increase the number to 4500 and then, it may get easier to conduct both the online classes and offline schooling. Some are suggesting that the schools require more of 1000 teachers to ensure proper schooling. The additional teacher will make sure that the offline classes the middle schools and high schools are opening properly. Some principals have requested the New York City Mayor to delay further.

Reaction of parents

It is hard for the parents to manage work and home at the same time. Many parents have decided to opt-out their children from offline schools. Some parents in New York City are concerned about the safety of their children and their family members. Some parents are frantically running around for the childcare arrangements. Many parents quit their jobs to take care of their children. Many families have lost their jobs as they could not manage their schedules of family times and professional times. It is estimated that around 46 per cent of the families in New York City have opted out their children from in-person learning in the last year of November. The majority of them are non- white parents. Some of the families have expressed their distrust in the public schooling system. Some parents are relieved with the decision of reopening the schools as they can easily get back to work. Ms Jackson, a resident of New York City had to leave her job at Amazon to take care of her little Zuri.

Reaction of students

Some students have expressed their difficulty during online classes. One of the most advance cities, New York City, has expressed the problem of staggering internet and technical glitches during online classes. The majority of the students have started remote learning. The students are longing to return to their empty school buildings. Everybody knows that it is extremely important for the little children to have face to face interaction/ offline classes. The New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio expressed the importance of in-person learning for the little students. Due to the delayed decision of reopening of schools, the majority of the students lost their 10 days of remote learning. The students can make a comeback to the schools for 1 to 3 days in a week for their offline classes.

Arrangements for safety of students 

Safety concerns

Students who have chosen the option of blended learning will learn in smaller classrooms. They will require to follow the norms of social distancing. The students will be able to attend both the in-person learning along with remote learning. There will be limited contact in the classroom to control the spread of infection amongst them. The classroom will capacitate a smaller number of students. The desks will be far apart as per the norms of social distancing. The students will have to maintain proper hygiene and wear masks. The school building will promote the awareness of social distancing, hand hygiene and other protective measures to create awareness amongst the students. There will be health screenings of every staffs and student. The students and the staffs having more than 100- degree of body temperature will not be allowed to the school premises. The employees of the city Department of Education will have to go through health screening as well.

Arrangement for the students with COVID-19 symptoms

Every public school will have a separate isolation room for the students with COVID-19 symptoms. As per the new plan, the health care professional will check the students with the COVID-19 symptoms in the isolation room and then, the guardian can pick up their children. New York City public schools will have a mandatory check-up of coronavirus thorough out the year. This new plan will begin on October 1, 2020.

Some of the New York City Public schools have opened up and conducting offline classes. Zeta Inwood 1 has started its offline classes from August 31, 2020. Till now, the students attend all the 5 days of offline schooling.






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