Primary School Teachers telecasts lectures on DD

Primary School Teachers telecast Lectures on DD

Many primary school teachers from Phulra Village have been telecasting their lectures on DD Punjabi. The Doordarshan, DD Punjabi is in association with the School Education Department. Several other teachers have joined in to help out the students during the pandemic. Many teachers have tried to pay special attention to rural kids and children for education. The teachers have come up to join hands to make education easier for all the students. Many small kids in primary schools cannot get acquainted with online education at such an early age. They need help from the teachers and parents. The primary school teachers are travelling off to far places to help their students with education. The primary school teachers from Pathankot have been spending money from their pockets to help out these little students. The primary school teachers are telecasting their lectures on television. Samriti Katoj, a teacher in the border district of Pathankot has broadcasted 25 of her lectures on Doordarshan, DD Punjabi. She has spent Rs 25000 from her pocket to buy a new phone and a tripod to shoot video lectures. She learnt the shooting and recording video lectures so that it can be telecasted on Doordarshan, DD Punjabi. Most of the primary school kids are unaware of using a high-tech gadget. They need help with their studies which are primarily being held online due to the ongoing pandemic. The students living in the border areas have their own problems. The online classes are not possible as many students cannot afford expensive gadgets and phones.

Who is Samriti Katoj?

Samriti Katoj is a primary school teacher from Phulra village. During her college day, she used to give stage performances. She recounts no experience of working and performing in the front of the camera. Her husband and daughter are supportive and they help her in making and shooting her videos.


The public broadcaster channel named Doordarshan, DD Punjabi has telecasted 25 of her lectures. DD Punjabi is in association with the Primary School Education Department. The lectures help the students to understand and help in studies.

Experience of Work

Samriti Katoj has no experience of working in front of the camera. The advent of coronavirus has given a new experience and challenge in teaching. Most of the students are acquainted with studying in physical classrooms and the poor connectivity has staggered their education.

She bought a new phone and a tripod to shoot her video lectures for the students. She has no studio in her house. She shoots all her videos at night to create a soundproof room effect. The Doordarshan, DD Punjabi accepts the high-quality video lectures to be telecasted for the students. Her family is supportive and helps her to meet the target.

She learnt to edit her videos before sending it to the department of education for telecasting on Doordarshan (DD). She spent almost Rs 25000 to get a new phone and tripod for the purpose of shooting. She has to have a good quality of videos for the students.

This pandemic has given her some new opportunities to study editing and shooting. She also learnt to express in front of the camera. She used some new ways to teach her students. Now, her lectures have been broadcasting all around the country.

Other teachers

Like her, many other teachers put the same effort to get their lectures being broadcasted on the television. They have been spending money from their salaries to help out their students in getting a better education. Some of the other teachers are Rajiv Kanda, Charanjit Kaur, Sunita Devi, Anuradha and Sanjeev Sharma. These entire teachers are from Pathankot and have been putting the same effort to help out their students with education.

The teacher and district media coordinator, Balkar Attari has mentioned that the students and the teachers living in the border areas have their own problems. In the border areas, all the teachers make a great effort for their students to ease out education during the pandemic.  Some of the teachers travel to far off places to help their primary students to take their examination.

The first quarter of examination has started and the teachers from the Pathankot have been reaching the homes of students. The teachers are helping children to take their examinations by providing them with mobile phones and online education. There are several students without mobile phones. They are struggling during the pandemic. Anganwadi workers, Sarpanch and Panch are making sure that no students in their area are missing out examination during this pandemic.

Problems of Primary Students

The primary students can’t understand the concept of online education. The usage of mobile phones in education is quite a different theory. The parents are also not literates to help their small children with online education. It is important to provide and put special efforts into these children.

Every child needs a special identity to appear for their online education. The teachers are going to the house of the students and helping them to fill out the forms of the examination paper. The teachers are providing their own mobile phones to these small rural children so that they can give their exams. Some parents were not aware of online education. They came to know after the teachers went to the house of the small students.

The NGOs, private organisations and state governments are helping out the rural children. However, the majority of students are now left out of the ‘mainstream’ education. The rural students have been facing struggles to get online education. The theory of online education is a major drawback as not all the families are privileged enough to afford mobile phones and laptops.  The teachers have also been trying hard to make students realise the importance of online education. The majority of teachers from various parts of the world are not well acquainted with online education and learning. Various workshops, seminars and programmes are being carried out to help them in making learning easier for the students. All are putting equal efforts to help each other during the pandemic.



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