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Pandemic shatters Indian doctor’s dream in China

Students really feel the need for online classes only as they are stranded in India due to limited travel and pandemic, but Beijing refuses to decide when to return to school

When Sandeep * applied to Nantong University on China’s east coast in 2017, he wanted to receive quality medical education at a fraction of the cost that a private university in China could afford. Instead, he has not been allowed to take online lectures or video conferences on clinical topics since he was stuck at his home in Kota, Rajasthan in January 2020 due to the pandemic.

“I’m about to start my senior year. At this point we have to go to the hospital. and get in touch with the patient and the real body.Instead, it is actually displayed on the screen. They recorded the surgery in the operating room and sent the video to us. You can find it on YouTube if you want,” said a 22-year-old who didn’t want to use his real name.

Asif*, a fourth-year student at Hubei Medical University, said the teacher Her staff continues to be one of the 23,000 Indian students in China, Sandeep and Asif, according to data from the Indian Embassy, ​​almost all are enrolled in a medical program. India during winter break in January 2020, just before COVID started spreading to China, and then back to India, closing the border and preventing them from going back to school.
On Monday, the students stepped up their Twitter campaign on their plight, with the hashtag #PMModiHelpIntlStudents collecting more than 2000 tweets and trending political tweets by mid-afternoon.

Formed by a union through the Telegram messaging app, nearly 3,000 students emailed Prime Minister Narendra Modi on June 27 under the banner of “Chinese Indian Students”. They urged Mr. Modi to support the Chinese authorities, demanded an explanation of their potential return, pointed out that the infection rate in China was low, and used him for vaccination, testing and quarantine procedures as needed. .

“If you cannot return home, find a real job in India so that you can continue your studies,” the letter adds.

The attitude of the National Health Commission, the governing body of medical education in India, is also a source of concern among students.

“Indian medical schools also originally only taught online courses, but NMC says this will come into effect during a pandemic, but now all local universities are resuming appropriate courses. Not sure if NMC will recognize graduation because over there they are medical schools in many other countries except China. This is the level if you only have online courses, “said Neel Bhatt. A final year student from the Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Sandeep claims that many Indian students graduating from Chinese universities in 2020 refused to allow internships for students with an “online degree” from the government of Tamil Nadu, hence a necessary internship work in India. He added that he was having a hard time getting it. Since he took out a student loan to pay a tuition fee of around 200,000 yen, well below the 800,000 yen required for private medical education in India, if not allowed to exercise in India, the loan worries me for my repayment.

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