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Online Workshop by NIT Arunachal Pradesh On Entrepreneurship & Rural Growth.

NIT Focusing on Entrepreneurship & Rural Growth in their upcoming Workshop

The Government of India has initiated a renewed emphasis on the growth and start-up of entrepreneurship through its ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan’ Flagship (self-reliant India). In this case, governmental, academic intuition,
Together with the private sector and highly motivated citizens, non-governmental organizations drive the
The cause of India’s entrepreneurship. Business activities and entrepreneurship have a huge impact on regional growth and on regional communities’ socio-economic status. In the present context, this workshop is an effort to address some of these questions and challenges. NIT Arunachal Pradesh was created in 2010 by the Parliament of India under the 2007 National Institute of Technology, Science and Research Act, along with nine other NITs. The Institute is currently operating from its temporary location, located in the district of Yupia, in a high school building hired by the State of Arunachal Pradesh after seeking permission. The construction of NIT Arunachal Pradesh is currently underway in Jote, Arunachal Pradesh’s Papumpare district. Under the mentorship of NIT Durgapur, the institute is currently running.

Objectives of the Workshop:

1. To promote the idea of Entrepreneurship and Start-up as a career choice.
2. To understand the role of Educational Intuitions in Entrepreneurship development.
3. To explore the traits of a successful start-up
4. To explore Entrepreneurship as a tool for regional development.
5. To bridge the gap between academia and industry through Entrepreneurship Development.

Program Outcomes:

1. Motivated young people will have a clear path to move forward. Innovation, entrepreneurship, & start-ups are progressing Operation.

2. The role in Entrepreneurship of academic institutions It would demystify growth.

3. Participants are going to get a good idea to start the head Entrepreneurship journey.


There is not a charge for registration. Both members of the faculty, workers, research
NIT researchers and students, as well as other institutions, Universities are asked to register and to take part.

Tentative Speakers:

Vice-Chancellor Prof. Saket Kushwaha, Rajiv Gandhi College (Session Topic: Agriculture, Entrepreneurship, Miscellaneous)

2. Prof. Sunil Sukhla, General Director, Entrepreneurship Institute of India for Growth, Gujarat, India. (Topic of Session: Start-up)

3. Ex Vice-Chancellor, NDUAT, Prof. S. M. Ilyas, Faizabad and Director, Agricultural National Academy Managing Studies. (Topic of the session: Role of Academic Institutions in Encouragement Start-ups)

Contact Details

Dr. Sahadev Roy & Dr. T.D. Das Coordinator ICC/Startup Cell NIT Arunachal Pradesh

Mobile: 9436272805/830956468

Prof. (Dr.) M.K. Shome Organizer Dept. of M&H NIT Arunachal Pradesh
Mobile: 09436290384



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