Mohan Bhagwat Supports NEP, Explains How British Education “Breaks India’s Pride”

Bhagwat spoke with a focus on ancient Indian culture and education system with the launch of Bharat Vaibhav, written by Om Prakash Pandy. The event was held at the National Book Trust.

Mohan Bhagwat, head of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), backed the Centre’s National Education Policy (NEP) on Wednesday, urging Indians to be proud of the traditional knowledge of their ancestors. At the National Book Trust (NBT) book launch event, Mohan Bagwat relied heavily on foreign languages ​​like English and UK education policy shattered the country’s self-esteem, which may be reproduced by the weight given by the NEP.

“India’s pride is its traditional knowledge. India was born to share its knowledge tradition with the whole world… The ocean of information about India should be translated into all Indian languages and should be widely publicised,” he said. . “I would say why do we have to copy any other country… we should do things our own way,” he added.

RSS leaders say it’s important to rethink our roots and break the “yesman” mood that was trained within us during the colonial era. The leader said the process of breaking out of independence after independence was very slow and things haven’t changed much. “If not everything taught in our country talks about the feats of our people, what’s good? Our education policy doesn’t talk about this,” he says.

The Governor of Kerala, Arif Mohammad Khan, also attended the “Bharat Vaibhav” book launch event. “India’s confidence as a nation will only be awakened when it becomes proud of its culture,” the governor said. “Indian culture is eternal and it is our shared responsibility to do our best to instill it in our lives and pass it on to our future generations,” he said.

Bhagwat talks about the launch of Bharat Vaibhav, written by Om Prakash Chautala, focusing on Indian historical traditions and the university system. The event was held at the National Book Trust. The eBook was launched in 2018 as a challenge when Satoya Palmarik was the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Ministry of Human Resources Development and was under the jurisdiction of the Indian Historical Research Council.

He said the colonial forces realized that despite their domination, the people were not on their side. “So through a plot to end Tejasvita (the brightness),” Bagwat insisted, the British decided to “kill the pride” of the Indians. For this reason, he is famous for “forgetting himself”.

“To remind us of everything we know about ourselves, all systems remind us that they must be respected. Even the ability to operate these systems is lost. – They did it, ”said the director of RSS. Said that Great Britain had perfected India’s financial and academic methods. He claimed that the British “paid foreigners, and unfortunately Indian scholars, to obtain fiction books of their choice.” According to Bagwat, it is “our duty to go back to our roots after independence”, but “things are moving slowly”.

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