Mittra Sinha Roy, Principal, Adamas International School, Kolkata

No board exams for class 12 is certainly not right. A whole batch of students will be sent up to the field of higher education without assessing for themselves how they fair in their subjects, what are their aptitudes and what is their true potential. 

Marks quote in the board exams by an outside agency is a marker of their indicator of their capability. It does not give the whole picture but certainly is an indicator. They may lose precious time in College trying to find out their true career choice.

Of course, in these times of pandemic, saving lives is more important than a physical examination, but I wish the boards would have considered some other mode of assessing them rather than deciding on their marksheet based on the prior performances. 

All the best to this batch of 2021 who have gone through so much of trials and tribulations in their final year of school.

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