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Medical students protest against NMC’s draft regulations on salary for MBBS trainees

MBBS students need a uniform scholarship for medical internships across the state. It is up to the agency or state agency to decide on the proposed NMC project.

The National Health Commission proposal of a state institute, university or “fixed rate educational institution” to define the benefits paid to MBBS interns has frustrated medical students. Undergraduates require that the number of scholarships be established centrally and also statewide. Experts in public health and medical education agree that greater parity is needed among states. The draft NMC rule on mandatory rotational internships in the MBBS program was posted for comment on July 7, 2021, and has also been criticized for including mandatory AYUSH training. The required rotational internship is a one-year service required for medical graduates from the hospital affiliated with the medical university in which they are attending. Regarding scholarships, the project states: “All internships will be remunerated with scholarships according to the appropriate flat rate institution applicable to the institution / university / state. “

“We expect a change, but there should be no serious fraud. Dr Jayesh M Lele, president of the medical organization of the Indian Medical Association, said,” said Dr KV Babu, expert in public health. taxes. ”Would you support NMC by delegating the power to fix the salaries of MBBS interns to“ fixed ”institutions? What is the exact reason for not making the previous announcement of MCI, which regulates salaries in a uniform manner in all states.

Lele also believes that salaries for all organizations in the state need to be kept constant. He also said that all students given COVID 19 homework are working hard, so students should get a salary increase. Rele accused the government of not listening to student demands, saying: During the coronavirus pandemic, these students worked very hard and received the same salary. They should have gotten better. They have been working in this area for almost a year and a half. “The central government academy pays MBBS internships Rs 26,300 per month, because the NMC … does not publish a draft notice stating that all MBBS internships must be paid the same salary as the central government agency.” Said Mr. Babu.

Medical graduates must complete a mandatory 12-month internship at the same institution they graduated from with an MBBS degree, said a draft of a new internship directive recently published by the National Health Commission (NMC). MBBS graduates are expected to outline some of the draft rules for the 2021 compulsory rotation internship released by NMC this week and pursue some of the Indian Health System (ISM) internships.

“Indian medical graduates complete all required internships at institutions that have obtained and completed an MBBS. Foreign medical graduates applying for internship completion may offer mandatory rotating internships to Indian medical graduates. Only in medical school, where the draft rule was posted on the NMC website on July 7. Previous internal medicine internships included mandatory time in various medical fields such as community medicine, general medicine, psychiatry, pediatrics and general surgery, but the new guide includes Ayurveda, yoga, it also covers ISM areas such as Unani, Siddha, Homeopathy and Sowa .

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