Manpreet Kaur Sandhu, On Cancellation of Board Exams for Class 12th

Mrs. Manpreet Kaur Sandhu, Coordinator, Guru Nanak Foundation Public School, Mohali

Here I want to share my thoughts about cancellation of board exam of class 12. I am not satisfied with the decision taken up by education department. As per the criteria given to evaluate class 12 is not satisfactory.

As we all know, in class 11, how many students are appearing in their exams seriously and putting their hard efforts? In our India, students are putting their potential in final board exams only. Then how 30% weightage of class 11 is genuine?

In class 12, whole year students studied online and appeared in exam in same way. Who knows the scores attained by students are without cheating.

Education system should have thought it over more deeply and should have taken the decision wisely.

As students and parents those who are working so hard, will get the deserving marks? This is a very crucial year for the students to decide their dream and future. After all, this generation is the nation builder.

Last but not least, education system should take long term decision without effecting the youngster’s mentally, emotionally and socially.

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