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Low Attendance Despite Complete Reopening- DU Shows Us What Is Going Wrong

DU- Low Attendance Despite Complete Reopening, Attendance Hovers Between 10% to 40%

After the DU reopening, i.e. from 1 February 2021, enrollment in all colleges has hovered from 10 to 40 percent. For postgraduate as well as undergraduate final year students, the DU reopening was launched. Therefore, 10 days have elapsed since the reinstatement of the class. The response from students, however, is still lukewarm.

The DU students from other parts of India are unable to return, as per the administration of afflicted DU schools. Hence, the shortage of lodging facilities may be one of the crucial factors. Most outside students have vacated their hostels, PGs, and other rental accommodations and will have to resume their hunting process.

A lot of learners, though, don’t want to juggle their online and offline courses. Hence, unless there is a full-fledged DU reopening, they opt for the digital schools. Another important explanation for poor enrollment is because since they are not yet vaccinated, students are unable to obey the rules of social distancing. Vaccination, though, has began in full swing, but the vast majority have yet to get it. Until then, thus, students have locked themselves down in their houses.

Anju Srivastava, Principal of Hindu College, says they reopened on 1 February for students of social sciences and pure science. Nevertheless, enrollment was just 20 per cent. She adds that low enrollment is due to the large demographic of students from outside Delhi. The Hindu College Physics Department observed the return of just 15 out of 100 students.

Therefore, the online and offline hybrid is not easy for learners. A full-fledged DU re-opening is therefore required. Ramjas College principal Manoj Khanna notes that the students are fearful of returning. This has, however, led in this low attendance. Deshbandhu College, however, observed a positive turnout with 80 percent attendance in its zoology department. There was also about 40 percent attendance for the other science departments of the institution.

In March 2020, Delhi University shut down as the Covid-19 pandemic took hold in India, along with schools and colleges around the country. To prevent delays in the school schedule, students later relocated online.

Though Covid’s vaccination started last month in India, the vast majority of Indians are likely to face several months of waiting before they can get a shot. As a result, distancing is also crucial to preventing transmission of Covid-19. Although several colleges have reopened for pupils, only students who need to finish their laboratory work to complete their classes have actually been called back by DU.

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