Lizarani Das, Coordinator & PGT (Eng), Buxi Jagabandhu English Medium School, Bhubaneswar

Hello, everyone, this is Lisa Das. And I want to site my opinion on this campaign question that is no board exams for class 12th. Indeed, it is a very good, wise decision taken by the Education Department because in this current situation, in this pandemic situation, we cannot afford to have get together and a crowd. You know, we cannot expect a lot of students in the examination hall.

The first thing is that as the pandemic is so huge and it’s unending. And we see that with all these virus be it, black fungus, yellow fungus, delta variant, all these are demons waiting to grab the students, the earth and everyone. And in such a risky situation, none of us, none of us can take such chances with our students.

The second thing that I want to say here is most of the students and parents, as their views are concerned, they wanted to take up board exams. But, you know, these students, these parents will turn their heads when something goes wrong. So it is really a wise decision taken by the Department.

Third thing is that with what we have done throughout the year that is online teaching, the teachers have focused on online teaching and the platform was virtual. So when the semesters, when the examinations, the tests were based online, we cannot prefer at the end of the day that we should go for the offline exams, which is really, really not good. And of course, it is not a justice for the students because throughout the year, when we have taught them virtually giving them all the virtual inputs on this virtual platform, how can we, as teachers as educationists, at the end of the day, ask them to come and give exams, which is quite wrong.

So according to me, I think that whatever decision the Department has taken, it is completely correct. After all, there should be the right to live. Other things come later on.

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