Karnataka Three-Week Mid-Term Holiday for Teachers and Students

Karnataka: Three-Week Mid-Term Holiday for Teachers and Students

Most of the schools, colleges and educational institutions are closed due to the pandemic. The students, specifically the small kids, are facing a lot of struggles. The primary teachers are trying their best to ensure that these students get their best of education. The schools across India are closed due to the rising cases of COVID-19/ Coronavirus.  The children from all across the nation have been affected. The states of South India have seen tremendous growth in COVID-19 cases. Some school activities had been reopened in Karnataka, but the government had to close down all the school exercises. Many teachers in Karnataka have recorded the symptoms of Coronavirus/ COVID-19. In view of the surging cases of coronavirus, the government of Karnataka has decided to declare a three-week mid-term holiday for all schools. The three-week mid-term holiday was declared on Sunday by the respective Chief Minister, BS Yediyurappa. All the school activities have been shut down in the form of the holiday to prevent the spread of infection amongst families. The three-week mid-term holiday has been declared to safeguard the students and teachers. The government of Karnataka has called for the holiday all of a sudden.

Why there has been a sudden declaration of a three-week mid-term holiday?

The CM of Karnataka, BS Yediyurappa, announced this decision in view of the rising cases of the COVID-19. It was reported by some media channels that many teachers had been infected. As a result, the Chief Minister declared the tree week mid-term holiday in Karnataka.

Relief to teachers and students

The new decision of the CM of Karnataka has provided a big relief to the teachers and students. Earlier, many teachers had to report on duties to ensure participation in the ‘Vidyagama’ program. Many teachers were asked to meet the students in the playground (nearby their houses) to resume the school activities. The step had received several criticisms from various governments and parties including the former Chief Minister and Janata Dal (United).

As per the statement of the former Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah, the step to resuming the school activities in the nearby playground was a huge mistake during the pandemic.  Around 34 of the students had been infected from the novel coronavirus/ COVID-19. The reports of infections came from Belagavi and Kalaburagi.

As a result of such spreading of infection, the program has been suspended for the Primary and Secondary Education Department. No doubt, it is important to resume the school activities for the children but the opening and resuming of the school activities at this hour is a huge step. One has to take a certain precautionary step when it comes to protecting children.

The leader of Janata Dal (Secular), H D Kumaraswamy, criticized the move of the government to restore the educational activities in the playground. Also, the ruling government of Karnataka had eliminated the midterm holidays of the students and teachers in order to ensure that the educational activities are kept on during the pandemic.

Miseries of teachers in private schools

It has been reported that the school teachers in most of the private schools are ill-treated during the pandemic. Many teachers in private schools are working restlessly and ensuring that the students get their proper education, is a drawback, as the teachers and students should not be expected to work like robots. . The leader of Janata Dal (Secular), H D Kumaraswamy, tweeted and criticized the steps of the government and sheer negligence of the state authorities during this period of the pandemic. On October 1, 2020, the current ruling party had issued a notice to suspend the holidays from October 3, 2020, to October 26, 2020. The teachers are also expected to go to the school premises for other works even if the students are not coming to attend.

To reverse the order of cancellation, the Chief Minister, B S Yediyurappa, issued another notice for the teachers and students to cancel and suspend all the school activities. The three weeks mid-term holiday is dedicated by the Dasara wishes in advance. The holidays continue until October 30, 2020.

As India has shown a tremendous increase in the coronavirus cases, all the offline school activities have been closed until now. Indian teachers and students are working hard to keep up their paces during the pandemic. The schools are necessary to open for small children as it is important to interact. Interaction helps the students to groom and behave with others. The prolonged closure of schools has affected all the students and teachers along with the management authorities. The government is trying its best to ensure that education reaches every household, every school and to every child during this pandemic. It is necessary for the government to take some strong steps to prevent the spread of infection along with the resumption of school activities during the pandemic. In this crucial hour, we all must support each other to make a better place for children.



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