Is it time to bid farewell to board exams 

Due to the pandemic, we discovered that grade 10 board exams could be quickly cancelled with little or no repercussions

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) announced on April 15, 2021 that the Class 10 Board Examinations for 2021 would be cancelled. The decision was made in light of the country’s emerging COVID19 pandemic situation. Though the Class 12 exams were postponed again, the Central Board’s decision to cancel the Class 10 exams was warmly welcomed. The decision sparked a chain reaction, with the Council of Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) ratifying its earlier decision and cancelling the ICSE Class 10 Board Examinations. Not only that, but several state boards quickly followed CBSE’s lead and cancelled the Class 10 Board Exams, deferring the Class 12 Board Exams until 2021.

Maharashtra, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Jammu & Kashmir (JKBOSE), Haryana, and Telangana are among the states where Class 10 Board Exams have been cancelled. Other state boards, such as the Karnataka SSLC, have agreed to hold the Class 10 Board Exams. For several people, the decision to hold or postpone exams is a double-edged sword. Although the cases continue to wreak havoc on the country’s medical infrastructure and raise obvious health and safety issues, academic veracity and procedure must be taken into account. Many have challenged the feasibility of internal assessment in 2020, given that schools will be closed for the majority of the year. Others also warned that holding exams would only exacerbate the situation in the long run.

Class 10 Board Exams also account for a larger portion in terms of numbers. On average, Class 10 students outnumber Class 12 students by about 55 percent to 45 percent. As a result, cancelling Class 10 Board Exams decreases the number of students and, as a result, addresses the issue of social distancing. Furthermore, with the majority of class 10 students still under the age of 18 and unable to receive a vaccine, the decision to postpone exams in order to minimise the “unnecessary” risk of infection cannot be overlooked. However, without a shared forum, students’ prospects are bleak. The ten Boards are then used for admissions to various Inter Colleges in several states, and the random test brings administrative concern. Is, therefore, cancelling the solution? Is it possible to postpone the exams? As a result, the issue of a lost school year and continuing education becomes a concern. Delaying Class 10 would cause the start of the new academic year to be further delayed. Many people have also pointed out that delaying the exam in such unpredictably uncertain conditions may be detrimental to the whole exercise. It is also preferable to err on the side of caution.

Although experts may speculate and offer various points of view, the interests of students and parents – those who are directly involved in the exercise – remain paramount. Exams are important to parents, and they have frequently encouraged their children to do well on them. Teachers have been compelled to assess their students as well. When the number of cases registered daily in the country approaches 3 lakhs, the decision to prioritise health over academic pursuits and excellence is more than an option.

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