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Indian Job Portals are Going an Additional Mile for the Jobless

  • The corona virus or COVID 19 as it is known in most circles, has brought massive losses and the threat of complete shutdown to many industries like the media, IT, automobile as well as aviation. Recession is inevitable for the Indian economy that could barely contain or afford such a lock down and the virus scare. Job portals that promise jobs are now going an extra mile to help those who have been recently laid off. In such a situation of financial shortcoming and economy downfall, various websites like the, and have dedicated sections on each of their home pages for those who have been financially hit by this unexpected trauma. Now, various job portals have come forward to help those who have been badly hit by this pandemic. This shows that these portals are asserting their role as the willful stakeholders in the economy and are committed towards mitigating the results and side effects of the oncoming recession. 

At the same time, job portals are working closely with freelance websites to ensure that people are able to make use of opportunities that can help them in these trying times. It may be seen that many of these freelance websites and job portals like Upwork and Freelancer have reported a growth in the demand for freelancers.

Different portals are hiring laid-off consultants and offering them jobs of different kinds like creating resumes, giving them opportunities in new business opening, helping then to upgrade their career. Such job offers have mentioned a “hiring now” opening on sections of their sites. So, if you have been a skilled worker in your industry, you can now also make a quick buck on the side by partaking in such tasks that will help you articulate your skills in a different way. 

The branches of global employment website, has also offered various types of career advice, job opportunities as well as work from home opportunities for lot many laid-off professionals. These steps have helped recession hit employees to gain confidence and start working again. being a well known employment portal on the global front, provides various tips on how to improve your resume to attract employment opportunities, and numerous other employment advisories. Talking about resumes and bio datas, LinkedIn is also providing a wide platform for laid-off employees to gain multiple livelihood. Since the corona virus hit the world, many competent personnels have been relieved of their jobs and designations, with more than 3000 eligible employees who were laid off by tech unicorns itself. With this turmoil hitting the planet, the financial position of various companies itself has gone for a toss and so Uber also laid off about 2000 employees. After a month or so, by the May, Uber reported of discarding 6000 Indian employees. Not only Uber but Wipro as well, thought of cutting out on staff. But apart from this, various other economists and businessmen have come up with solutions out of their own businesses to help the one’s who are hit by this unexpected recession. This is what the job portals are trying to address when they create opportunities for the individuals who suddenly find themselves without a source of livelihood. 

The efforts of these business owners will for sure not go in vain, by reinstating the people in their start-ups or global employment opportunity. In this pandemic, various business owners have come forward and given a hand to the people whose lives have come to stake by providing them with career advancement opportunity and exposed to various employer portals. The websites are helping out people in terms of how to make their profile more stronger so that they show up in search engines that would lead them to various job portals. Many learned professionals mention that the ones who are letting competent employers go, will wait for them to return in the near future. This is mainly true for the manufacturing units where many labourers were employed.

This pandemic has not only been bad for employees but has been worse for employers themselves. Companies like the Indiabulls faces a financial crisis a reportedly sacrifice about 2000 employees. But somehow, after observing this massive job loss situation, few industrialists have taken it upon to themselves to assist these laid-off employees but enabling them to join sectors of their own personal choice. Such efforts will surely be counted and will be quite helpful to many!

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