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India and the Art of Creative Writing

In today’s age, where books are turned into motion and television shows, where poets team up with pop stars, and a single tweet can be the start of the national discussion or an upheaval, creative writing is a sought after skill that can also help you score the perfect job after college. The role of a writer, an author or a poet is not constrained by genre or geography any longer. Nor it is limited to seclusion and introspection. Instead, these days the writers are staying connected with their communities, the historical archives, expressions or by floating their own blogs. The writers play with what is accessible and give us what is conceivable. They present to us new ways of knowing, seeing, and being.

Creative writing is a broad term. There are a lot of types of writing that comes under this subject like: Mystery, Romance, Memoir-writing, Travel, Features, Poetry, Playwriting, Humour writing, TV serials, Science fiction, Book reviews, Lyrics, Criticism, Interviews, Business communication and Script- writing. And if you want to look beyond being an author, you can even be a content writer, an editor or a copywriter. You can also be a business communication writer. 

Here is a quick list of portals where you can look for jobs to further your creative writing dreams and learn on the job!

Write Right

Started by Bhavik Sarkhedi, a well-known writer, author and creative content developer started Write Right to cater to the all sort of content needs of budding companies and start-ups. They provide services like technical writing, content writing, creative writing, Blog writing, Ghost writing, Slogan writing and more.


Orangus is backed with seasonal and professional writes to provide you with services like Blogs, Website content, Press Releases, Proof reading services and more.  


If you ever want o write the best SOP for yourself, Taletel is your answer. They build an amazing and remarkable SOP in the most concise manner.


Estorytellers is a content service provider who offers you with brilliant content. SOP is their main forte and they make sure it stands out from others.


A Gurugram based company, Justwords provides you with services like Articles, Blogs, Web content, Product details, E Books, Media content.

And All

This one stop shop provides you with expert content writing services as well as publishing services and even blogging services for wannabe bloggers! The company even has ten books to its credit with many awards. This is also possibly the only platform that promotes bloggers.

Mithaas services

Just as the name suggest, the company owner Devanshi Sharma is a sweet mentor. Mithaas service gives you what you have been looking for. It is a one stop for all your marketing solutions. Offering you services like Content, Designing, Editing, Testing, Photography, Videography, Finance, Mentorship and Review

With the above portals, you can score a starter job and learn on the job. With portals like And All, you can go ahead and get mentorship even as your work gets promoted. These portals pretty much herald the new reality of creative writing in India!

About Aparajita Patekar

Aparajita Patekar is a young writer from And All Publishing, who is also a student of English Literature. An avid reader and a rider, she strikes a fitting balance between the indoors and the outdoors. Her keen insight and eye for detail shines through when she writes for the education and travel sector.

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