IIT Graduates

IIT Graduates Surf The Internet For Jobs

IIT Graduates browse the internet after placement offers were withdrawn

IIT Graduates are some of the most valuable assets of the job market. being a graduate from IIT is an attribute that can outshine everything else on an individual’s CV. Every year, loads of companies visit the IIT campus to at least hire the old and valued IITs. All tech majors, apart from a handful, visit IIT(ISM) DHanbad itself. And even though you want even more from a business that isn’t hiring on campus, you can still apply off campus and you’ll certainly crack the interview if you have an appealing CV. If you mail them correctly, most companies consent to interview IIT graduates. As far as the question is about a job, the answer is that everyone is willing to get one. It might not be the best one, but you’ll find a satisfactory job at least.

IIT Placments 2020

In the first phase of the virtual placement session, Indian Institute of Delhi (IIT-D) students got more than 925 work offers. More than 200 businesses have hired students, including pre-placement deals, for approximately 250 different job profiles. Microsoft, Intel, Oracle, Tata Ventures, EXL Services, ICICI Bank, Goldman Sachs, HCL, Wells Fargo and IQVIA are among the top recruiters. More than 20 foreign job offers have been made, with the students continuing to work from India and shifting their base depending on the situation of COVID-19 in the two countries concerned.

Companies headquartered in Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, the Middle East, and Singapore have made foreign offers. Out of the total placement offers, the core field jobs constitute 32% of the total offers, followed by 29% IT jobs, 10% consultancy jobs, 8% management positions, 6% analytics-based jobs, and 5% finance jobs. The IIT Delhi placement patterns were clarified by Anishya Madan, Head, Office of Career Services, IIT Delhi as she said, “Most students have opted for jobs in their technical core.” Some divisions, such as Computer Science, Mathematics and Computing, are central to IT and Analytics. In addition, leadership students have chosen for management positions.

“As can be seen from the chart above, most students have opted for jobs in their technical core. Since IT and Analytics are core to some departments like Computer Science, Mathematics and Computing etc.; companies registering under the ‘Finance’ track are recruiting for Fintech roles and companies registering under ‘Other’ sector also comprise many ‘Core’ sector companies. Further, management students opted for management roles. We can say around 90% students have bagged offers in their core,” said Anishya Madan, Head, Office of Career Services, IIT Delhi.


What happens when placement offers are withdrawn

Since August 2020, Sumit (name changed), a mechanical engineer who graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay (IIT-B) last year with a dual degree, has been searching for a job in social media. In the first week of the placement drive at the institute in December 2019, he was among the few fortunate students to secure a job and was hopeful of joining soon after his graduation, but the organisation that had hired him rescinded the bid.

“Since then, I have applied for a number of positions but have not yet received anything positive,” said Sumit, who is among a pool of graduates from various reputable IITs now searching for work on social networking sites. A successful round of placements for the batch of students graduating in 2020 was announced by most IITs last year. By August, however, many recruiters agreed to withdraw their offers as the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown had hit their finances.

While some IITs encourage students to participate in the placement drives that are conducted for the current class, others provide job leads via alumni networks. The majority of recent graduates, however, are left in the lurch. Since August 2020, I have sent a number of emails to the placement in-charge and student affairs dean requesting permission to sit for the placement session this year, but no positive response has been received. So, by highlighting my strengths on social media and work portals, I have begun searching for jobs,” said Sumit.

Last year’s batch had a total of 1,050 offers at IIT-Madras, including 126 pre-placement offers (PPOs). According to Professor CS Shankar Ram, counsellor (training and placement), IIT-Madras, 28 of these were removed. The institute is now encouraging graduates who, in the previous round, lost their jobs or were unable to obtain a placement offer to appear for the ongoing placement season. The institute has reached out to recruiters in order to reinstate its deals. In May 2020, IIT-Delhi director V Ramgopal Rao made a public appeal to recruiters not to withdraw offers because it would not be feasible for students who had obtained jobs to appear for placements again. Due to the unprecedented global situation, the recruitment processes were conducted in a virtual mode this year and the students were prepared for their interviews in a digital mode with innovative and newer interaction patterns that optimise the use of technology.

In this point, the efforts of the entire OCS team, including employees, student coordinators and volunteers coupled with industry players across multiple domains, resulted in the selection processes being seamlessly conducted in a virtual mode.

Not only does four years at the IIT campus provide great technological knowledge for students, but it also extends the mind. The encouragement of their teachers and seniors helps them to flourish in all respects. They not only perform well in their affected branch after completing their course, but also dare to take the direction no one has previously chosen.It is assumed that IITians do not follow conventional paths, but pursue their dreams. They are writing careers (Chetan Bhagat, Amol Parashar), stand-up comedy (Vipul Goyal), politicians (Manohar Parrikar, Nitish Kumar), blogging (Arnab Ray), photography (Devendra Purbiya), social entrepreneurship (Swapnil Kant Dixit) and what not. They serve as research fellows and faculty members at many institutions in India and overseas. They also work for IIT JEE Main in the coaching industry and are advanced and receive big wages. IIT graduates are individuals with some of the sharpest minds in the country. Finding a job where they can make the best use of their talents should not be too difficult.



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