How will India become $10 Trillion Economy?

It is a time of challenges and opportunities. Lots is being happening, lots will happen and lots needs to happen as we want to reach a target of $10 trillion economy.

Making India a $10 trillion dollar economy is a big dream. If we grow at 8 per cent, we may grow from 2019 at a level of $2.7 trillion to 2025, $5 trillion and somewhere around 2030 around $9 trillion. If we look at the way we are growing, it doesn’t seem to be in a good state.

One of the major reasons why India grew around 1950s, 1960s and 1970s is that we were not competing with the world, we were collaborating. We created IITs and IIMs by not competing with them on global rankings rather they were created in close collaboration with large number of international institutions.

We initially started with American Institutions and all the IITs and IIMs were in collaboration with renowned institutions who themselves were ideologically very strong intellectual capital. International Institutes trained our teachers not only in India but they trained teachers from Africa and all across the world.

The collaborative spirit also went to agriculture. M.S. Swaminathan, the father of Green Revolution in India met Norman Borlaug the first time when he was a Ph.D scholar. He was doing his research in memory of Potatoes. Norman Borlaug was interested in meeting this young man. Later on with Norman Borlaug and with the advanced breeds of wheat in India, India reached from 10 million tons of production of wheat in 1960, which it had attained after 4000 years of civilization to almost 20 trillion tons by 1968 or by 1970.

There’s only one way people grow, when they find out their strengths and they provide support to the weak, they find out their weaknesses and seek support from the strong. There’s nothing wrong in this. The world is one family.

When we look at the number of $10 trillion, there are a lot of questions that come to our mind like several hits and misses, how long will it take to complete this journey, how do we do it and whether it is at all worthy of doing it at the cost of so many other things.

If $10 trillion economy is merely a symbol of making a better India, a more inclusive India and an India where entitlements are not only cherished but they are given. Deliveries are sort in a manner that nobody has to go that extra mile to bribe someone or involve in any type of corruption to get something done.

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