How can exams be held if schools, colleges shut, asks Maharashtra minister Uday Samant

Uday Samant questions Over Exams in Schools, College

The pandemic has resulted in the closure of schools and colleges. The uncertainty of the timeline has been extended. The online education has been promoted. The high rate of unemployment has put tremendous pressure on the economy. The rise of unemployment has put pressure on children as many parents have lost their jobs. There has been no face to face interaction. The teaching method has been less effective as the students are not being able to focus wholeheartedly. The mode of examination has been online as the constant demand for open-book exams and online assessments.  The low internet connectivity has posed a serious problem as the students have not been able to engage properly in their studies. Many students do not have laptops, smartphones, Televisions. Some countries have started using Radio as the mode of communication. Low internet connectivity has created an enormous challenge in the present scenario. A strong model of communication is necessary to establish an equal opportunity for the growth of all people. This has affected the communication skills of the people.

The pandemic has devastated the economic condition of the entire nation. The digital libraries are inaccessible to some children as the lack of internet connectivity has failed them to achieve their goals. Despite organizing various paid courses and unpaid lecture on the online platform, many students are not being able to attend the perks of these interesting classes. Many websites have started promoting free lectures to help students during the pandemic. The students can access the virtual laboratories. The mathematical concepts have been easier to understand as the students can learn the fundamentals easily with better graphics. The demand for content creator has been increased. However, the problems of the digital divide have been dominant in the industry. The range of classification amongst the people of different classes has an added disadvantage to the distances. Many government schools are deprived of basic facilities. Private educational institutions have an inadequate and better mode of connectivity. The students studying in private universities are well equipped with modern technologies of learning. The pandemic has affected the communication skills of the students as there has been absolutely no interaction between the teachers and the students. The regular use of Sanitizers, face shields, masks, hand gloves and so forth have become an integral component of life.

The lack of internet connectivity has led to inaccessibility to some certain educational website and digital divide has created concern amongst the student. The fortunate students or privileged students are able to access the internet forum. The underprivileged students are getting devoid of educational facilities. Some countries have been broadcasting educational shows on public TV channels.

In India, many universities have started conducting online education to ease out the pressure on the students. Although India is slowly reviving its economy under Unlock 4.0; National Testing Agency (NTA) has provided dates to examine NEET (UG) and JEE (Mains). Several precautionary measures are taken before conducting the examination.

Some students have been promoted without exams except for the final year students. Students promoted without examination are judged on the basis of the scores of their previous assignments and semesters. The students pursuing the first year of their semester have been promoted on the basis of the internal assignments.

Many state governments in India are planning to conduct the examinations. There have been deliberate discussions on the mode of examination and the type of questions to be organized for the students.

The state of Tamil Nadu has reported that all the vice-chancellors of state universities are discussing the modalities of the final year examination. The mode of examination will be online. There are a few centres to be arranged for students who do not have internet connectivity. The objective type of question will be organized for the students.

The West Bengal government has set some guidelines for conducting examinations. The Chief Minister of West Bengal, Ms Mamta Banerjee has instructed that all the examination should be conducted before October. It has not been cleared yet if the UGC will allow such extensions of the present deadline.

Some states have opposed the guidelines of UGC. The completion of the final year of examination before the end of September can expose the students to COVID-19 or coronavirus. Many universities are well equipped to conduct online examinations. The poor infrastructure will not make the online examination possible for the students.

The Maharashtra Government has finalized the modalities on August 31, 2020. The Chief Minister, Uddhav Thackeray has planned to examine with several precautionary measures. The exams are planned to be conducted in a simplified manner.

The minister of Maharashtra, Uday Samant has raised a question on planning to conduct examination by September end. Since all the schools and colleges are closed till the end of September then the question of completing the final exams of the students has raised a big concern. The Supreme Court has stated that the students cannot be promoted without examination as it may hamper the career opportunities. Uday Samant has questioned the procedural setup of the plan. A six-member committee headed by Dr Suhas Pednekar, vice-chancellor of Mumbai University has put forth some recommendations to conduct the procedures of the final examination.

The states have an option to appeal the UGC to put some relaxations. All the states have been instructed to conduct the final examinations.










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