History of Modern School, Delhi

History of Modern School, Delhi

Moden School in Delhi has celebrated 100 years while presenting all the historical facts and figures of the rich historical cultures of Delhi. There are several modern schools that have been the branches of Modern School, Delhi such as, Modern School Barakhamba Road constructed in 1933, Raghubir Singh Junior Modern School and so for. Many other sectors of modern school have opened during 1961 on the Humayana Road and Modern Schools Vasant Vihar was organised in 1975. There are other modern schools opened in Faridabad and Kundli.

Many renowned and noted artists, writers and diplomats have been a part of the schools. Along with them, Modern School has set an excellent example of legislators and judicial members of the Indian court. All these noted people were alumnae of Modern School, Delhi.

History of Modern School, Delhi
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Noted People of Modern School, Delhi

Some of the noted and renowned people have captured the attention of the country.

List of the renowned people

In the following, we have presented the list of the renowned and noted people of Modern School Delhi who have played a huge role in providing and shaping the nation

  • Gopal Krishna Gandhi, the former Governor of West Bengal,
  • Mr Amitabh Kant, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the NITI Aayog,
  • Khushwant Singh is another famous figure in this respect who has graduated from the renowned Modern School, Delhi.

Construction of Modern School Delhi

Some of the best Indian engineers and contractors had worked with Edward Lutyens and Herbert Baker. These engineers and contractors were the hands behind the Imperial team. On the request of Raghubir Singh, these engineers and contractors worked to build the renowned Modern School, Delhi.

There were also some noted people who participated in and laid the structure of Modern School, Delhi. Some of the names behind the red brick construction were

  • Sobha Singh
  • Teja Singh Malik
  • Baisakha Singh
  • Narain Singh
  • Rai Bahadur Devi Singh and so forth

All these people took part in the construction and planning structure of Modern School, Delhi. The principal of St Stephen’s College in Delhi, Sushil Kumar Rudra had played a great role.


The renowned Modern Scool, Delhi started with six kids that later became 12. The students of Modern School, Delhi were three kids of Raghubhir Singh, two sons of Debi Singh, both the son and daughter of Teja Sigh Malik. At that time, Malik’s daughter was the only girl in the school. Additionally, Sobha Singh’s two sons were also admitted to the schools. The school gradually took time and developed into one of the best schools in India.

At that time, Kamala Bose was the Principal of girl’s High School, Dehradun was in charge of the renowned school in Delhi.

Why the location has been selected as Delhi?

At that time Delhi was considered to be the most culturally oriented place during the British period. The British had transferred the capital Of India from Bengal to Delhi to rule in a proper way. The historically enriched Delhi was best for young minds to renovate into something new and observant in the economic sphere. The political and intellectual mind had gradually made a new place in Modern School, Delhi. The Delhi was also known for its progressive outlook as the British had made many significant progressions in the state.

All these conditions were good enough to convince people that Delhi was the best place for the school to be constructed for children.


The education continued to flourish in Modern School and was considered as one of the indigenous content. The school today compete with Doon School and Mayo College. It had received a great zeal for some of the freedom strugglers such as the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Others were Jawaharlal Nehru and Rabindranath Tagore.

The school is known for its excellence and discipline. Some of the students have made the school extremely proud of its aspect.

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