Geeta Srinivastava Nigam, Ex Founder Principal of Shri Rajendra Singh International School, Aligarh      

This is a viable issue but perhaps the right decision taken by the Government is in the interest of the whole country and we all must cooperate with the New Educational Policy if the Government.

As 80/ of the students constitute middle class or underprivileged income group class who are not able to pay more than 25,000/ annual fee for their children. These students couldn’t get the proper online education either due to lack of laptops, smartphones which were supposed to be provided to them . Secondly, the network problems also played a vital role for disconnecting classes for most of the students . Thirdly, every student has been in the panic or trauma of contact with pandemic disease

I know that it’s a great setback for those students who have been making a lot of efforts in attaining or scoring highest percentages in various subjects. But I feel that those who are capable and efficient for higher quality education or high profile education like , MBBS or Engineering technology or Commerce , or BCA , any other professional education, will be able to show their talents and capabilities. No one can stop their bright sharp efficiency.

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