G20 summit: India promises to end education inequalities

G20 education ministers reiterated their commitment to ensuring quality education continues during the current coronavirus pandemic

Education Minister Shrisan Jay Dotre attended the G20 education ministers meeting on June 22, 2021. The meeting was hosted by Italy in a mixed format. G20 education ministers exchanged views on how to tackle poverty and inequalities in education, particularly in the context of the Covid 19 pandemic. Ministers were also determined to share the innovation experiences that occur during the pandemic and ensure the continuity and quality of learning paths. through blended education. Regarding the national education policy for 2020, the Minister will focus on children and adolescents, especially girls, who belong to economically and socially disadvantaged groups and who are at high risk of being left behind.

Shri Dhotre states that the Indian education system is constantly evolving towards bridging the gap between gender and social groups at all levels of education through a variety of interventions. Some of these include an increase in recruitment in schools. Supervise children outside of school. Monitor the academic performance of vulnerable students. Ensure physical security and eliminate tolerance for violations of children’s rights. Lunch to ensure the health of the baby. Activating mechanisms for children with special needs; it promotes multiple learning paths and enhances open and distance learning programs.
On ensuring continuity of education during the pandemic, the Minister said that India broadly encourages blended learning. Digital educational content is now available on various e-learning platforms, including DIKSHA and SWAYAM, which anyone, anytime, anywhere, can access for free. Permitted online components in traditional education have increased from 20% to 0%. More than 100 world-class universities have been approved to launch a comprehensive online training program. To bridge the digital divide, India makes extensive use of SWAYAM PRABHA TV channels and community radio. The digital infrastructure is evolving rapidly. As part of NEP 2020, a national educational technology forum was established to support technology-based education.

He said the government is also particularly interested in addressing students’ mental health issues through counseling programs such as Mano Darpan. India reaffirmed its support for the joint efforts of G20 countries to reduce education poverty, inequalities and premature schooling, said Shri Daughter. India is alsosupporting the joint efforts of G20 countries to further improve and strengthen blended learning initiatives to ensure continuity of education, based on lessons learned during the pandemic.

The Minister of Education adopted a declaration at the end of the meeting Ajointmeeting between the Minister of Education and the Minister of Labor and Employment was also held throughout the day. G20 ministers exchanged views on the transition from school to work. Shri Sanjay Dhotre represented the Ministry of Education at the conference.The Ministry of Labor and Employmentis represented by MoS (I / C) Shri Santosh Gangwar.

Talking to practitioners, Shri Dotre is essential to recognize that we,as G20 members, need to properly equip young people for a smooth transition to working hours after graduating from school. Said that. This is especially important for students in economically and socially disadvantaged people who are at the highest risk of being left behind.

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