Fine arts in India

Fine Arts in India: How to Make a Career in this Field

Fine arts in India have a long history and they are a part of our heritage. With each region and each state in our country boasting of something specific in terms of arts and handicrafts, we can easily say that art is a part of our culture. Fine arts is a field of study today in India and abroad, with many students looking to make a mark in this world with their sense of aesthetics and a build up of know how and technique in their chosen field. Fine arts education in India has many takers. While many of us think that higher education must involve engineering, medical science or studying abroad, fine arts in India has also quietly made its mark.

There are a number of colleges that teach Fine arts in India. These include an introduction to a number of medium including canvas and even the graphic designing field. Here are some of the top colleges that offer fine arts education in our country:

Faculty of Visual Arts, Benares University in Varanasi

College of Art, New Delhi

Sir J J College of Applied Art, Mumbai

Faculty of Fine Arts, Maharaja Sayajirao University Of Baroda, Vadodara

Faculty of Fine Arts, Jamia Millia Islamia in New Delhi


These top five colleges for fine arts in India will definitely get your creative juices flowing. Most of these colleges and art centers have plenty of resources in terms of tools and faculty so that you would never have any dearth of inspiring ideas. But a lot of students have a question – what kind of a career can I hope to have after completing an education in fine arts? This springs from the fact that most people see painting or art as a hobby rather than a full fledged career. Even now, there are people who think of artists as poor people who are toiling away for a few pennies and a few patrons. This is far from the truth for the field of fine arts in India! Here are a few career options for you:

  1. Fashion: If you have pursued fine arts in a particular field and you are looking to apply your own sense of style and art to wearable art, then fashion would be the field for you. In the past 50 years, the Indian fashion industry has grown by leaps and bounds with many fashion designers making their mark on the international scene as well. You would do well to consider rendering your art on to clothing to make a unique impression with your art.
  2. Advertising: There are a number of options available for artists and fine arts students in advertising. You can easily attach yourself to an advertising agency and become their in house designer and artist for campaigns and various kinds of deliverables that would a part of running these campaigns via visual communication.
  3. Art Houses and Galleries: If you have an eye for spotting art and if you understand the technicalities of it, you can easily consult with art galleries and art houses so that you can not only help then acquire artists but you can also guide their artists for art installations and help them sell their work through these galleries. You can further help these artists earn royalties when their art is picked up by corporate houses for their in house branding.
  4. Media Houses and Publishing Houses: These are places that constantly require up and coming artists who can create cover designs and even create art for magazines, newspapers and other forms of visual communication. Most of these artists are just as well paid as editors as well!

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