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Cyber-security course will help you land a lucrative job

Like every other technology domain, the market for employment in cybersecurity is unrivalled

Supply chains, information technologies, and travel have linked the global economy and culture in the Covid age. The overly interconnected world is largely due to the exponential growth of the number of appliances, computers, automobiles, and infrastructure. Increased demand for digitalisation services results in the development of a network of Internet of Things devices, which enhances user experience but also increases the risk of cyberattacks. Cyber security jobs are currently one of the most common among students.

Like every other technology domain, the market for employment in cybersecurity is unrivalled. Companies all over the world have been subjected to cyber-attacks on a regular basis. This situation has created a plethora of opportunities for professionals interested in working in the security sector. Today, cyber-security is a significant source of jobs and a lucrative career path. The first step is to learn fundamental cybersecurity skills, after which you can choose a domain based on your personal interests and business demand. Students must undergo in-depth training, develop expertise, and obtain unique security certifications in order to have a successful career. According to a study published in August 2020, India was subjected to nearly 7 lakh cyber-attacks (MeITY). According to the survey, India was ranked third and has been one of the most vulnerable targets of cyber-attacks in recent years, making it even more critical.

The world’s second-largest internet-connected country must prepare by training a sufficient number of cyber warriors to deflect and deal with the growing cyber security threats to its IT-driven product and service infrastructure and systems. In recent years, both the government and private sector have launched a slew of advanced and stand-alone cyber security courses. These courses have gained a lot of popularity among students and career professionals, and they are available in a variety of formats, including part-time, distance learning, and online, with various requirements for certification, diploma, and degree programmes. The government is strongly encouraging people to take cyber security courses. According to a common education sector monitoring website, 204 colleges in the country, both government and private, offered undergraduate and postgraduate cyber security programmes.

Cyber security has a lot of potential thanks to the increasing prevalence of cloud-based software and widespread use of the Internet. Choose this career path as a career choice if you’re ready to learn more about it.

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