COVID 19 How can Teachers promote COVID-19 awareness in Schools

COVID 19: How can Teachers promote COVID-19 awareness in Schools?

The novel coronavirus has explicitly affected businesses at an extensive rate. All the educational organisations including schools, colleges and coaching centres have locked down. The people have lost their careers and are unemployed, struggling to meet their basic needs. The teachers and the students have lost their composure and calmness during the pandemic. Many students have left the schools and some teachers have been working rigorously. The teachers are trying their best to teach online, but the long duration of the online classes has made it worse.  The biggest question is, ‘when will the schools reopen?’ A lot of students are thrilled to return to schools. Some schools in India have already opened but the parents are worried about the health of students. The teachers and the health authorities are taking care of all the safety measures in the state authorities. Some teachers have been asked to be reported to the schools for their duties. The teachers of Grade 11 and Grade 12 have been affected seriously with physical and mental problems. Many teachers who are more than 50 years of age have been affected by the extremely long hours of work.

India is ranking as the second country with an infection of the novel coronavirus. India is followed by the USA in the list with a number of COVID-19 cases. Most of the people have lost their lives and loved ones affecting mental health. It has been constantly recommended and advised by the central government to wash hands and use masks while going outside. The impact of the novel coronavirus has infected a lot of people, affecting mental and physical health. In such cases, the question of well being is an extremely important point of concern. It has been said that by the next February approximately 1.3 billion people in India will be affected by the novel coronavirus. Some necessary steps are being taken by the central government and the state government have been taking to eliminate the pandemic. The impression of the pandemic is affecting the education and economy extensively.

The risk of travelling back and forth continuously has swayed many people including the teachers and students. Private schools have increased their fees resulting in the dropout of the students. Amidst the pandemic, most of the teachers have been asked to visit the schools at regular hours. Now the question is, ‘what should be done to reduce the negative impacts?’


As per the Reuter’s tally, the cases of coronavirus are going to increase during the middle of September. Although India has reported many recovery cases, the cases have been ongoing during the pandemic. India has reported many new cases of the novel coronavirus in the present including the crime against women. The teachers have been reported to work for a prolonged period of time that affects their psychology. The students have been asked to report for the online classes regularly. The teachers are rushing to complete the syllabus and the course curriculum due to the upcoming board exams.

In such cases, what is required to be done?

Impact of teachers

The teachers are required to help the students in understanding the needs and focus on the particular hour. The only thing one expects to do is to keep up the endurance and hold on for the moment. It is extremely important to understand the need of the hour in the pandemic by the teachers. The students may have lost their loved ones in the houses and the teachers must take notice of the psychological well being of the students.

The teachers are required to provide extra attention to the students, specifically those who cannot attend the online classes. The majority of the students have reported being neglected due to the prevalent online education. It is the duty of the teachers to help the students to get them back to education.

The teachers must not rush to finish the curriculum. They must help students to be interacting with one another. The pandemic may have resulted in the drastic change of the psychological patterns. It is the duty of the teachers to help them and organise some fun interactive sessions in the classes.

COVID 19 How can Teachers promote COVID-19 awareness in Schools
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COVID-19 Cases in India

As per the statistical report already 20 per cent of the population in India have been infected by the novel coronavirus. The cases may go up by 50 per cent in India. It is the responsibility of the teachers to take remarkable precautionary steps against COVID-19.  The escalating problems of the novel coronavirus have radically changed the shape and prosperity globally. The schools’ authorities must make some awareness campaign for the students in helping them to understand the impact of the novel coronavirus.

Outcomes of increasing cases of COVID-19

The results may be dangerous and by the next year, many people may have lost their lives by now. Also, the students may carry the virus and there may be the second wave of the novel coronavirus. In the USA, some cases of re-infection have surged up, the health authorities have denoted the statement.

Role of Parents

  • The parents must not be completely dependent on the school authorities to help the students.
  • It is the duty of the parents to teach the students regarding the novel COVID-19.
  • It is significant to make a record that the parents must help out the school to spread awareness amongst the students and the environment.

The school authorities have taken certain forethoughts to help out the students during the pandemic. It is also the part of the parents and students to determine the next step to limit the spread of infection.




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