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COVID-19 Effect: Schools report a 20-50% reduction in income. 55% of teachers are experiencing wage cuts

Due to long-term closures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, most private schools across the country experienced a 2,050% reduction in income

Most private schools nationwide have reported a 20-50% drop in earnings due to extended closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and some have cut teacher salaries, according to a new report. A report by the Central Square Foundation (CSF), an NGO working on the quality of school education in India, including more than 1,100 respondents (parents, school administrators and teachers) ) in 20 states and union territories.

This year, more than 55% of schools reported a sharp drop in new enrollment, but three-quarters of schools faced delays in repayment from the RTE. Non-minority private schools need to allow state government-selected students to enroll for free at a 25% RTE fee. Instead of a bonus, the state will refund them a given amount. “Most schools have reduced their revenue by about 2050%, but their boss’s costs remain about the same and it’s difficult to keep them running. School income is affected. Parents have regular taxes. I can’t pay. It is the highest of all urban schools. Fifty-five percent of schools say new enrollments have declined significantly this year. “Only 3% have successfully obtained a loan and 5% have a pending loan. Fifty-five percent of teachers in private schools suffered pay cuts during the lockdown.

“Schools pay teachers in part because of the inevitability of other expenses (bills, rent, etc.). 65% of teachers’ salaries are suspended in low cost schools, while 37% of teachers are paid. At least 54% of the report states that teachers have no other source of income and 30% are added to their salary with private instruction and counseling. normal. The level of trust between teachers in local schools and teachers in low-cost schools is drastically reduced.

On the parents’ side, at least 70% said the tuition fees remained unchanged and only 50% of parents said they had paid them. This indicates a significant drop in school income during the school year. “20% of parents said they had increased their spending on technology and infrastructure, 15% said they had increased their spending on education. 78% said they could continue their children’s education at the same school. ”Before the national lockdown to prevent the coronavirus pandemic,
schools across the country had to close last March, switching to learning Some states partially reopened schools last October, but they were closed again in a second wave of COVID-19 outbreaks in April this year. Schools have started to reopen in some states, but others have adopted hold-on policies.
Education is a matter of state and during the pandemic there are no indications on tuition fees from the Ministry of Education. However, in some states, parents are quiet when they ask schools to only charge for tuition or to bow to college tuition. UNICEF reports that the economic shock of the COVID-19 pandemic has hit low-cost private schools (LCPS) in particular.

“LCPS is in dire financial straits. Teachers report losing their jobs, suffering wage cuts, or not getting paid. Thousands of LCPS have been closed. Thousands more are on the verge of death. LCPS also struggles to provide distance learning support to students, and the potential for widespread learning loss among returning students is significant. A report recently stated.

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