Chit Chat with Deepti Ma’am, Delhi Public School   

Name Deepti Sehgal, Teacher, Delhi Public School, Mathura Road, Delhi
Why are you a teacher? 
The whole process of teaching-learning is quite interesting and gives satisfaction to me. I always wanted to be a teacher as the bond between a teacher and a student remains for the rest of your life especially if the teacher is able to leave a good impression on the pupil
When did you decide to become a teacher?
I don’t think I ever decided actively. It just happened to me as a natural choice  
If you were not a teacher, what would you have been?
An Event Manager
What kind of a teacher are you?
Loving, Caring, Cool. But I can be strict if they push me.
How social are you on social media?
It’s the ‘IN’ thing and I am very much there. It made ‘staying in touch’ so much easier.
Which of the below defines you?
Gupshup Guy/Gal – I love talking to people, invest time in human interaction. Love the idea of ‘Friends at Home’ OR ‘Picnic with Family’ 
One secret that your students do not know about you.
What kind of student were you?
I was the last bench guy who will always be teachers’ headache. But that changed one day when I realised responsibilities in life
One thing that you will like to change if you can time travel back to your student days
I would change the teacher student relationship
One thing you always tell all your students. Just ONE.
To have confidence

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