CBSE moves school-based assessments to the internet and extends the deadline for posting grades for Class 12 students

The board has formed a committee to deliberate on the assessments standards for Class 12

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) issued an order on Monday requiring all affiliated schools to complete internal assessments by the end of June and to conduct practical tests for Class 12 students online. The order comes a week after the Centre decided to cancel the board exams this year due to the epidemic, following a high-level meeting hosted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Nearly 12 lakh students had registered for the exams, which are held every year in the month of March. Students will be assessed instead using a “well-defined” and “time-bound” criteria for an assessment plan that is now being prepared, according to the government.

The Board’s letter, which was posted on Monday, informs the institutions that practical and internal assessments would only be completed online. “In subjects where an external examiner has not been selected, the subject’s relevant school teacher will conduct the internal assessment in an online way based on the instructions provided in the Curriculum and upload the marks awarded at the link provided by the Board,” the letter states. Where CBSE appoints external examiners, the external examiner will set the date of the examination in cooperation with internal examiners and conduct the viva voce through the internet.

“In the case of subjects for which no external examiner has been appointed, the concerned school teacher of the subject will conduct the internal assessment in online mode based on the instructions given in the curriculum and upload the marks awarded at the link provided by the board,” CBSE Controller of Examination Sanyam Bhardwaj wrote to schools on Monday. As part of the records, schools have been instructed to capture an on-screen snapshot of the online meeting with the student, external examiner, and internal examiner. “Both examiners should remember that the marks granted should not cluster towards the maximum marks, which is very unlikely given the various levels of skill” said Bhardwaj.

“We took the decision in conjunction with the schools, and they indicated they have made the appropriate arrangements,” Bhardwaj told HT, addressing worries over the current digital gap and its influence on the internals. The Covid-19 guidelines must be rigorously followed. Principals may only contact students to administer tests if the state government has approved them to come to school.” On June 1, the Union government announced that the 1.4 million students who were scheduled to sit their Class 12 board examinations this year will not be able to do so.

“Due to the epidemic, it has been observed that certain schools have been unable to complete school-based exams in several courses. In a letter to all CBSE-affiliated school principals, controller of examinations Bhardwaj wrote, “Schools having pending Practicals/Internal Assessments are permitted to conduct the same now in just online manner and upload the marks on the supplied URL by June 28, 2021…” While most private schools in Delhi completed their practical exams before the April 19 shutdown, numerous government school principals reported they had yet to conduct practical tests for important subjects such as Chemistry, Biology, and Commerce.

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