CBSE Exams AI, Mirrors And Parents As Invigilators\

CBSE Exams: AI, Mirrors And Parents As Invigilators

AI based platforms for CBSE exams:

GURGAON: With a watch on CBSE board exams for Class X and XII, faculties are gearing as much as conduct pre-board examinations on-line after the second week of December. A number of faculties have developed their very own AI-based platforms for these exams.

Faculties adopt different methods to make sure no unfair means are adopted by the scholars:

On December 3, CBSE had introduced that the board exams scheduled for subsequent 12 months shall be carried out offline. Nevertheless, with the potential of conducting pre-boards on-line, faculties try to make sure no unfair means are adopted by the scholars whereas taking the check, and for this the mother and father or guardians have been assigned the invigilators. Some faculties have taken it a step ahead and requested the scholars to maintain a mirror behind them in order that the digicam captures varied angles.

Faculties in Haryana have been ordered closed due to spread of Covid-19 in college students :

After reopening within the first week of November for round two weeks, faculties in Haryana have been ordered closed after a number of college students have been discovered with the an infection. Whereas the date of resumption of bodily lessons within the state was set for December 10, the directorate of training has written to the federal government urging faculties to stay shut until the tip of this 12 months.

Statement by Bhism Bhardwaj, President, Gurgaon Sahodaya, an affiliation of colleges :

“Earlier, we had hoped to conduct the pre-boards offline in small batches. But it surely appears unlikely now, and so, we have now determined to conduct the evaluation on-line. Most board papers are 80-mark exams, and we need to give college students the follow of writing the entire paper. However we additionally need to make the expertise less complicated for them,” stated Bhism Bhardwaj, president, Gurgaon Sahodaya, an affiliation of colleges within the district.

Synthetic intelligence based platforms for smooth monitoring of CBSE exams:

Charu Maini, precept of DAV Public College, Sector 49 stated they’re using synthetic intelligence based mostly platforms for smoother monitoring and help of scholars. The software program will take pictures each few seconds and create time-lapse movies of every examinee to be shared with the lecturers. It should assist establish college students asking for exterior assist or trying away.

A number of photograph grabs of scholars, taken each few seconds, are stitched to create a time lapse video of each examinee, which is shared with the lecturers for proctoring as a report. The know-how identifies check takers looking for exterior assist or trying away from the test-screen and flags them.

Statement by Charu Maini, precept of DAV Public College, Sector 49 on CBSE exams:

“The platform’s extra options akin to auto-selection and randomisation of questions, navigation management, and window and picture proctoring are inbuilt to make sure a seamless examination course of,” stated Maini. “Now we have determined to divide every paper into two elements. First MCQ-based query will seem with time-frame and the second half could be subjective. After writing the paper, they may submit by changing the pictures of their solutions into PDFs, and make analysis much less nerve-racking for lecturers,” she added.

Statement by Sudha Goyal, precept of Scottish Excessive Worldwide College on CBSE exams:

Sudha Goyal, precept of Scottish Excessive Worldwide College stated they may also be utilizing an identical know-how for conducting the pre-board examination. “We require college students to maintain their webcams on through the examination. We encourage using two gadgets, one to obtain and confer with the query paper and the opposite by which the digicam could be on repeatedly to watch,” she stated.

Statement by Yashpal Yadav, state president, Haryana College Sikshan Sangathan on CBSE exams:

College students of HBSE (Haryana Board of College Schooling), in the meantime, are ready for instructions to conduct the pre-board exams. “We are going to conduct the exams just about in December however nonetheless hope to carry a second spherical of pre-boards offline subsequent month. Our board college students shall be writing two-and-a-half-hour exams, however we can not pressure them to maintain their cameras on if they are saying they can’t. So, we may also be conducting oral exams for an trustworthy evaluation,” stated Yashpal Yadav, state president, Haryana College Sikshan Sangathan.

Tips to achieve success in  online exams:

Before the Online Exam: Prepare

  • Read and understand the test guidelines:

Be sure you can answer these questions: Will the test take place at a specific date and time, or can you take the exam at any point during a particular window of time? How much time will you have to complete the test? Can you take the test at home, or must you take the exam in a specific location (e.g., a campus computer lab)? Are there any other important, “need to know” factors outlined by the instructor?

  • Know the test format:

What kinds of questions will the instructor use on the exam—multiple-choice, fill-in, short answer, essay? Perhaps a combination of various types?

  • Test yourself:

If your instructor makes a practice exam available to you, take it! You may also find practice tests in your class textbook.

  • Check your computer:

Avoid last-minute problems! Whether you’re using your own computer or one in a lab, verify that it has all the correct hardware and software well in advance of the exam. Also, make sure you’ll be in a location with an adequate Internet location.

  • Study the class materials:

Even if the test is “open book,” it’s still important to study and review just as if you were taking the test in a classroom.

  • Plan your time:

As you test yourself, limit your time to that which will be allotted for the actual test, and decide how long you will spend on each question (e.g. if the test is one hour long, and you’ll have

  • Carve out a quiet test-taking spot with minimal distractions:

Turn off all notifications from IM, your phone, your email, and elsewhere (or, set them to silent). Shut off the TV and radio. Let your roommates or family know that you’ll be taking a test, so that they’re less likely to interrupt you during that time.

  • Determine when you will take the test:

You may have to take the exam at a specific time; however, if the test will be available for several hours (or even a few days), choose a time that presents the least potential for distraction, interruption, and stress.

  • Gather all that you’ll need to take the test:

If you can have materials such as notes, books, or writing implements with you, be sure that they’re set to go.

Take a deep breath! Once you’re logged in, take a moment to relax and get focused.

During the Online Exam: Focus

  • Keep an eye on the clock:

You may want to set an alarm to notify you when you have limited time (e.g., 10 minutes) remaining in your testing period.

  • If allowed by your instructor, print and save copies of the test questions, as well as your answers.

These will prove extremely helpful if you have technical problems during the test or if you encounter issues while submitting your answers.

  • Don’t leave the test page:

If you are permitted to search the web or check other websites for information, do not use the same tab or copy of the browser as you do for your exam—you may lose all your work. Instead, open a second copy of your browser (or, choose a completely different browser), then conduct your search.

  • Technical problems? Don’t panic:

But do contact your instructor immediately, detailing the exact problem that occurred and any error messages you might have received. If you can take a screen shot, that is helpful as well.

  • Check your work before you submit it:

Ensure that every answer is complete and appears as you intended. Review the accuracy of your answers, as well as your spelling and grammar.

  • Click submit:

You should only need to do so once, but if you have a problem, try once more. If you still have a problem submitting the test, let your instructor know immediately, and send your intended answers in an attached document.


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