CBSE class 12 MCQs

CBSE Class 12 Board Exams: MCQs Galore

CBSE Class 12 batch of 2020 face yet another change

CBSE class 12 of this year has witnessed many changes. The COVID 19 pandemic has forced the hand of many education boards to alter their syllabus by slashing some chapters. CBSE Class 12 got a thirty percent reduction in their portion this year. After the release of the sample papers this year for both class and 10, teachers and students saw a change. The number of MCQs in the papers has increased by a staggering ten percent. In subjects such as physics and other objective papers.

A subjective subject like English has more than fifty percent of MCQ questions. ” It is absolutely unfair to the subject, we expect students to show their linguistic prowess in these language papers, downgrading them to MCQs is an insult to the subject.” stated an English teacher from a CBSE school. On the other hand, objective subjects like physics and math will now have case study questions. This might seem good from an educational standpoint as case studies increase critical  application and understanding powers of a student. Physics will have application based questions that will require students to understand their concepts rather than just rote learning. This is a good step forward to adapting to one of the four pillars of the NEP. Biology papers will now have shorter answers rather than MCQs, which will be again, based on broader understanding of the concept above anything. This increase in MCQs can also also be noticed in the CBSE Class 12 economics paper. The number of MCQs have increased from 8 to 20.

Is the MCQ format a better choice for CBSE Class 12?

  • MCQs can be an effective and efficient way to access learning outcomes . As a student MCQs make the idea of learning and evaluation of studies a simple process to be focused on . It gets easier for students to focus on main topics , MCQs have both advantages and disadvantages for the students but they make it easier to focus on relevant topic.
  • MCQs are an appropriate way to test whether the students remember key concepts or not as it mainly requires  reading the notes in advance and recalling the require information during the test.
  •  it does not demand out of the box thinking, formation and representation of ones views and opinions, and it also restricts creative and imaginative thinking, so I think the purpose of the test decides whether MCQs are a way to evaluate students exams or not.
  • Multiple choice questions (MCQs) seem to look easy and feel quite ‘scorable’, but the truth is that, for most students, it makes life a whole lot harder.Think about it, you have around 4 to 6 options to choose from, with one right answer. Those are statistically pretty poor odds for someone who has to choose, especially if the question is ever so slightly tricky or seemingly has more than one right answer.
  • MCQs are the ultimate test of a students objective knowledge, even if one does not know the right answer straight off the bat, a wise student can always use the process of elimination and find his or her way to the answer.

What are the challenges students might face when applying for MCQs

Unlike an MCQ, the typical question-answer style Questions give students a lot more liberty to express their knowledge of the topic in their own words, and in the least, salvage a few marks from the question, instead of a straight up zero.Here’s another aspect of the MCQs flawed nature; Copying is a whole lot easier, since even your friend (who hopefully knows the right answers) from across the examination hall just has to make a few basic hand gestures to help the dunce that you are ace the test.Also, don’t mention negative marking.

“The original process of conducting an exam is still unmatched for me. Pre-covid, when you heard that you had an exam, from the people who attended college everyday to the people who don’t even know their roll number would would atleast read through their book and study something out of it that they could fill out their answer sheets with. I am in no way against the MCQ method, for it is very convenient for both the students and the teachers. However, it does make me think if it’s just as efficient as the original & authenthic way of testing a student on their knowledge. For me, personally, the motivation to study and get through this academic year has been at an all time low given covid. So MCQ’s might be easier, but I am not sure of the role this method plays in making the students more prepared in the long run.” stated  Manav Kothari a class 12 CBSE Student

While the MCQs might have its list of demerits it still is a good way of putting a student’s knowledge to the ultimate test.


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