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Vedantu invests in Pedagogy, an interactive digital book platform for competitions


Vedantu intends to make Pedagogy unique products accessible to more than 30 million students with the aim of acquiring majority shares. LIVE e-learning company Vedantu announced a strategic investment in Pedagogy, an AI-powered personalized learning platform that offers online courses and interactive digital books for standard students. Pedagogy works with …

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India could become a country of opportunity for Edtech startups after Beijing restricts education sector

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India may be the next investment hub in this sector, but unicorn start-ups may have an advantage in raising money from global investors BYJUs, first Edtech company in India, has acquired several startups around the world. After the restrictions, investors who have invested in China’s Edtech sector may see India …

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India Could Become a Country of Opportunity for Edtech Startups After Beijing Cuts Education Sector


Last weekend, Beijing decided to ban college education groups from making profits, fundraising, or publicly operating On Saturday, Beijing announced several restrictions, which together could cause confusion in the education sector. According to an announcement by the state legislature, companies that teach school subjects can no longer make profits, raise …

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