Birth Anniversary of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam India transforms into Knowledge Superpower

Birth Anniversary of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam: Transformation of India into Knowledge Superpower

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, otherwise known as Missile man, has been an unprecedented educationist who believed in modifying India into a knowledge superpower. With his new vision, entire India went on to transform into ‘India 2020’, the ultimate, knowledge superpower. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam has been a pioneer of innovation. Through some groundbreaking changes in India, he has captivated many young minds. His groundbreaking changes have established a remarkable innovation in Science and Technology. He dreamt of India becoming a knowledge superpower by the coming years.

Brief Profile of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

  • Did his schooling at the Rameshwaram Elementary School
  • Graduated in Physics from St. Joseph’s College, Tiruchirapalli, University of Madras
  • Moved to Madras to have a degree in aerospace engineering

In memory of the birth of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, let us look into his vision of India 2020

India 2020

Education System in India

As per the vision of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, the education system in India needs a tremendous change. Education helps a child to grow and transform into a great leader. Dr Kalam had emphasized on the real education that dignifies the human soul and transforms the mind into a great visionary attitude.

He raised some important preliminary areas while transforming the definition of education.

  • How can education solve our real-life problems?
  • How can we democratize education?
  • How can we resolve the modern scientific problems with the help of education?
  • How can education be efficient for all?

As said, ‘Education’ is the fundamental right of every child, Dr Kalam truly believed it. He ensured that education must enlighten the young minds to make a stronger nation. Education should be built in such a way so that it can retain the smiles on the face of children. The endless journey towards the knowledge must be brought up with enlightenment.

India 2020

Tracing back to the history of India 2020, it is truly coincident that India 2020 is still a long vision to reach. With the pandemic hitting the nation and increasing of COVID-19 cases, most of the focus has dashed away from India 2020 to coronavirus impacting on lives. As we see around, the living standard of the people is at stake along with the increasing number of dropouts from schools.

What is India 2020?

It discusses the mission to accomplish and make India a truly proud nation in the field of education and science. The book sets forth some ways and information that develops a set of patriotism and releasing India from the state of poverty.

The TOI headline announced during the interview of Dr Kalam, No India will be below the poverty line by 2020.”

Ignited Minds

Another book ‘Ignited Minds’, focuses on the complicated issues of our country. Dr Kalam talked about his unique experiences while interacting with the various people, several eminent scientists, industrialists and so forth. The book inspires young bright minds to dream higher. The students must realise their potentiality and use their resources to the fullest. He also focussed on fusing science with spirituality. India must work united with a mission to develop by 2020.

Educational Portals

Today, India believes to be a great nation in the term of education. Even though we have not reached our biggest dream, but we are still on the way to make one.

Several educational portals have been helping out the students to transform themselves with a better future.

Some of the educational websites are

  • Study Khazana
  • Career Launcher
  • Infinite Courses and so on

The pandemic has made our lives tougher than before, but we must not forget to work hard. Online education has provided us with an opportunity to build and reshape our lives once again. In the present circumstances, online education has reached several rural households where the innovation was never dreamt of being alive. The teachers and students are helping out each other to hold on and this is what the pandemic has taught us, ‘Work United.’

“Life has a way of pushing your dreams down. Don’t let the first victory bury your biggest dream.”

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

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