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Best Mass Communication Colleges and Courses in India

Is it your dream to stand in front of a crowd and address people? Is it your dream to find stories and create your own piece that would be broadcast across various forms of media from print to TV and more? Do you dream of being a journalist, a reporter or simply behind the camera, shooting and reporting those stories as they happen? Then, there are a number of mass communication colleges calling out to you! From advertising to journalism and even public relations, a student can opt for any field he likes in this wide field of mass communication. The scope of mass communication in India is wide. In fact, India has a century long heritage when it comes to journalism and other forms of spreading information. The very first course in journalism was floated by Dr Annie Besant in 1920, at Madras. But what exactly would you be taught at any of the premier mass communication colleges in India? Mass communication is the process of imparting and exchanging information through mass media to large segments of the population. It is usually understood for relating to various forms of media, as these technologies are used for the dissemination of information, of which journalism and advertising are part.

What is mass communication?

  • The study of mass communication encompasses the academic study of various means of communication. Successful completion of mass communication courses opens a plethora of opportunities for students in various fields of advertising, journalism, public relations, event management, broadcast journalism, internet and radio. You can learn the ropes at any of the best mass communication colleges in India, so that you have a great start in this career. 
  • Mass communication serves public messages quickly to a large number of people who are far away from the source of information. The scope of mass communication is very extensive and it deals with a variety of objectives. This would also be a determining factor when you choose your exact course and field of study at any of the mass communication colleges in India. 
  • Mass media can be used for various purposes: Advocacy, both for business and social concerns. This can include advertising, marketing, propaganda, public relations, and political communication. Entertainment, traditionally through performances of acting, music, and sports, along with light reading.

Best mass communication colleges and universities in India:

  • Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), New Delhi: Indian Institute of Mass Communication is an Indian media centre of learning funded and promoted by the Government of India in New Delhi. The IIMC is an autonomous society under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.
  • Asian College of Journalism (ACJ), Chennai: Asian College of Journalism, Chennai was founded in Bangalore as the Asian School of Journalism, Bangalore. It was founded in 1994 by the Indian Express group, offering only a print course. In 2000, it was taken over by a not-for-profit trust founded by journalist and media entrepreneur, Sashi Kumar. It was renamed and shifted to Chennai.
  • Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai : Xavier Institute of Communications (XIC) is a curricula unit of St. Xavier’s College, Autonomous. It is a professional media centre which offers a variety of services in training and production. The Institute is at two locations; the St. Xavier’s College campus and the St. Xavier’s High School Campus, Mumbai.
  • Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication (SIMC), Pune: Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication (SIMC PG, Pune) is ranked among the top Media and Communication colleges in the country offering courses in MBA in Communication Management and MA Mass Communication (MA MC).

SIMC offers four specializations under the MBA Communication Management programme:                    

  • Brand communication
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing and Media Analytics
  • Media Management

Masters in Mass Communication (MA MC) offers two specializations:

  • Journalism
  • Audio Visual
  • AJ Kidwai MCRC, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi: A.J.K. Mass Communication Research Centre is a mass communication research centre located in New Delhi, India and a constituent institute of Jamia Millia Islamia.
  • The University of Delhi: The University of Delhi, informally known as Delhi University, is a collegiate public central university, located in New Delhi, India. It was founded in 1922 by an Act of the Central Legislative Assembly.
  • Lady Shri ram college for the woman: A college is not known by its ranking only. But also collectively by its faculty, staff, infrastructure and most importantly students. Lady Shri Ram has one of the finest infrastructures in University of Delhi.
  • The Film and Television Institute of India: the film and television institute is an autonomous institute under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting of the Government of India and aided by the Central Government of India. It is situated on the premises of the erstwhile Prabhat Film Company in Pune.

Here are the courses that you can fetch while learning Mass Communication.

  • Communication services.
  • Film Studies.
  • Journalism.
  • Mass Communication.
  • Media.
  • Radio Studies.
  • Television Studies.

The world of Mass Communication is a career filled with exciting opportunities, enticing journeys and some idealistic success stories. Thousands of Indians aspire to enter this world of Journalism, Advertising, and Events. But the question that most people with this dream often mull over is – what is the best way to kick start their journey in Media and Communications? Well, the answer is simple, and it lies in education.

The first step to entering the world of Mass Communication is in getting the right educational training in the field by getting into one of the best mass communication colleges in India. Whether you are keen on building a career in Journalism, Television & Radio Productions, PR & Advertising, Digital Media or Events Management, the stepping stone in this journey has to be a bankable course from a reliable and reputed college.

Before you decide on the mass communication college of your choice, it would be important to arm yourself with knowledge of how reporting and story writing works in this world. This can also be done by reaching out to experts in the field so that you can find out what makes them tick and what career options you can enjoy once you have completed your mass communication course.

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