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An Edumate Webinar on Skills Of The Future

Highlights of various professionals in an exclusive conversation on Skills of The Future, with Mr. Chetan Sharma, Founder,

Digital Literacy and New Skills

“There are mostly school counsellors, and I believe some of them are teachers, also, most of them are teachers. They’ll actually, if you look at the kind of skills that students would need, number one, you know, what is it that is needed right now, and what they will need in the future, you know, the interview, train the skills that is required in the future. And, of course, a lot of training. And then, you know, came a slew of internships for students, and now every student is expected to have an internship, I don’t think they do it in schools, but every university requires students to do some kind of internships, usually, it’s about at least one internship internship per year. So it will be about three, say, three to four internships when they graduate, which gives them some sort of practical skills. But in addition to this, what is required now is, you know, a lot of literacies, you look at, you know, visual literacy, you know, you’ve got a picture or a photograph or graph, you should be able to analyse it. Similarly, this digital literacy, we are all working out of, you know, homes, using our phones, or smartphones, or laptops.” Ms. Nandini Uchil, Director, Admission and Outreach, Sai University, Chennai

Hard Skills Are As Important As Soft Skills

“And we do require hard skills also. But she’s already mentioned a lot of soft skills. Now, I want to talk about the challenges which are there for the future skills. To begin with. I would say that today, education has become just a tick box exercise that does nothing, but only allow you to advance to the next stage of your career in 2019, India are in over 1300 startups and has become the third largest setup ecosystem in the world. However, the large percentage of Indian population still fails to find the job that meets their expectations in terms of job satisfaction. This is largely because majority of the country’s workforce lacks the skills to stay updated with a wave of technological transformation. I would like to say that rather looking at the skill building merely as a tool for job opportunities, we should try to incorporate from the schools and colleges to establish it as a culture of getting future ready. So today, in today’s world where technology is evolving at such an unprecedented rate and employee who possesses Limited skill sets will not be able to retain a job in the long run if he fails to achieve the professional growth. So I would like to say what is important for all of us to understand is that the future of tomorrow does not replace humans, but demands people to have the right technological acumen. So, we do require the soft skills, and we do require the hard skills too to actually move into the skill set for future.” Ms. Rekha Navani, Senior Activity Coordinator, G.D. Salwan Public School, Delhi

Approaches For Career Counselling

“So whenever a student approaches me, looking for a suggestion that I’m a witch in your system, should I take admission in the basically I asked for my child at what he’s interested in, what he wants to do further in his life. And he picks up a particular profession, like he wants to be, for example, a clinical psychologist. So I asked him, Are you aware about the job responsibilities of a clinical psychologist are just fascinated by it, then he shares his viewpoint and accordingly, I try to find out what other backup he has in his mind. Like, if I take example of Christ’s University, they have given the psychology as one of the subject with other major subject combinations to so I look into those particular aspects, looking into child’s interest, I put forward to that particular child the various colleges and universities which offer that kind of facilities for that child is comfortable. And of course, I also look into the socio economic background to which type belongs to and accordingly, look into it and fight the child to choose the best amongst his options” Dr. Monica Chaudhry, Counsellor, Royal Global School, Guwahati

Pressure of Acquiring Skills and Pressure Of Jobs 

“Without sharpen your vaping standing on the battlefield would not increase your chance of winning. So that is key. In any way also new education policy, the cbse has given importance on the stress on skill building programmes which refers to the ability to do something well, especially because of because of training and practice it is possible. So once I visited a hospital, a 24 year old guy had a heart attack, I got shocked and inquired to his family and friends. After a little investigation, I came to know the cholesterol level was okay. That is 125 as well as triglyceride also later was normal. The guy was working for one call centre and the designation of his was a team leader. And for two months, he was not achieving his targets. So he will. So here we come to the pressure of job or achieving targets were the reason behind. In this case, he is unable to handle stress on duty. Today’s topic is a scheme of the future. skills are classified into hard skills and soft skills. hard skills are those which one let’s after spending around 15 years of studies that is bookish or theoretical knowledge that’s necessary. But with this once you have enough soft skills, again we can classify these soft skills, various categories, like interpersonal skills, cognitive skills, emotional skills, self management skills, etc. So why one must have all these skills. When I was studying our school never had one counsellor, any counsellor. But now it’s a matter of time, the lifestyle the family system has been changed and the scope of the job and and it wouldn’t be possible to give attention to the children.” Mrs. Rupali Mandlik, Counsellor, Amber International School, Thane

Developing Skills in Children

“The most important thing from a psychological point of view, since I have been practicing selflessness six years now. So I often see the parents, the common judges, teachers come and say, ma’am, this, my daughter is lacking a skill of not being able to talk in front of people or she has a stage fright, or maybe a person who is not much comfortable with the crowd. Firstly, we have to understand the individual difference, and that can be done only through psychoeducation of the parents. Before we get into the child, first we have to psycho educate the parents. And after that, we have to understand the aptitude and the interest level also students are offered child towards anything, and later we can work on his or her skills. That is my point of view. And yes, as I’ve said, in my first statement, individual difference, being a psychologist, we always like I was like, the entire subject is dominated by individual decisions, we have to understand the individual distance of every child. And they have said, the very first thing for which we can hone a skill in the inner child is through their parents”. Ms. Alphee Fahmeed, School Psychologist, South Point School, Guwahati

IT Helps Creating Perspective

“Now, along with the information technology and the revolution that it has brought about in our present day world, along with smartphones and Google been adopting that tips. The challenge that I face with most of my students is that they know facts. Nowadays, facts are the at your fingertips. But the interpretation of the same facts require certain skill sets 13 perspective and for us to understand that different people may have different perspective but at the end, it is all always down to logic and reasoning, something that Google wants to teach you something that we as teachers and counsellors, we need to imbibe in our students. And I believe that is one of the most foremost most important place for a teacher in the modern teaching environment for us to create perspective, or rather help them think in a logical and rational manner so that they can figure out what is right and what is the by themselves, because as we have seen, people never like to be told what they think is right or wrong to their life experiences they learn. So, with the pandemic, as well, it has brought in the entire plethora of challenges. And at the same time, it has made us understand that education can still continue in not a formal way as we know it in the classroom. But education can happen at every minute of every second. And it is about how we interact with the technology that we have in our hand, and how we use it in our life” Mr. Titas Chakrabarty, Counsellor, Maria’s Public School, Guwahati

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