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Amazon Academy: JEE Students Prepared By Amazon India

Amazon Academy launched by Amazon India to tutor JEE students

The Amazon Academy is another venture started by amazon India. To everyone’s surprise it is not about entertainment or online shopping, instead it is a coaching startup for JEE aspirants. At launch, Amazon Academy will provide students with a variety of JEE preparatory tools, including specially designed mock tests by industry professionals, over 15,000 handpicked questions. On Wednesday, Amazon India announced the launch of the Amazon Academy to help students prepare for admission to engineering colleges for the JEE (Joint Entrance Examination). “The online preparation offering will equip students with in-depth knowledge and practise routines required for the JEE, through curated learning material, live lectures and comprehensive assessments in Math, Physics and Chemistry,” the company said. The beta edition of Amazon Academy will be available on the web and in the Google Play store free of charge.

“Amazon Academy will offer students a range of JEE preparatory resources at launch, including specially crafted mock tests by industry experts, over 15,000 handpicked questions with hints and detailed step by step solutions for practice”, the statement said.

Expert faculty from around the nation have produced both learning material and review content. In addition to the JEE, the qualitative content tools available would also support those studying for the BITSAT, VITEEE, SRMJEEE, and MET exams. The content is available for free at the moment and will continue to be available for the next few months.

Online Classes like Amazon: The future of education

Online education is a development that over the past decade has been growing in popularity. The number of college students taking online classes has doubled over the past five years, according to research by re:fuel. High school students enrolled in online courses have also been rising gradually, and middle school students have recently jumped on the bandwagon of e-learning. The question that remains in the minds of parents and educators is whether online courses can give students the same rich, well-rounded learning experience as traditional “brick and mortar” classrooms can give them the same discussion-rich experience.Online courses, particularly college online courses, can be very helpful for a busy student. As far as time management is concerned, the courses are flexible because students do not have to drive and sit in a class for a week at a given time. Online courses can also be more cost-effective and can be conducted at a rate that the student is comfortable with than traditional classes.

The logistics of online courses can also be useful for middle and high school students. It may enable struggling or at-risk students to build failed or missing credits due to truancy or being transient by incorporating online classes to their daily class load. Students will graduate on time by being able to play “catch up” online.

Online classes have the potential to replace traditional education over the next few decades. Many might be opposed to this idea, however education has been stagnated for quite some time and it is time things evolve.

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